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  • Onion Harvesters

  • Samon - Rotating Bar Harvester

    Samon - Rotating Bar Harvester

    The rotating bar harvester comes standard with a mechanical drive, rotating harvesting bar and feed roller. Thanks to a 40mm quadrangular harvesting bar, the machine creates significantly less soil disturbance, while ensuring efficient harvesting in wet weather conditions.

  • Onion Toppers

  • Samon  - Open Haulm Topper

    Samon - Open Haulm Topper

    The Samon open haulm topper is designed to top and tail onions, while efficiently evacuating the soil and foliage. The open topper is fitted with side plates, and comes with three or four rotating shafts, each with two blades in the machine.

  • 3 Bed Machines

  • Samon - 3-bed Onion Harvester

    Samon - 3-bed Onion Harvester

    The Samon 3-bed onion harvester is designed to increase capacity so that more focus can be placed on the harvesting operation.

  • Onion Loaders

  • Samon - Model SU2LS - Onion Loaders

    Samon - Model SU2LS - Onion Loaders

    The SU2LS is a further development of the SU1L, this is the largest onion loader in our range. The intake of the onionloader is equipped with a foamrubber roller. The 1st web is relatively narrow so that there is no more touched ground than is necessary. The foliage remains which often lie next to the swath are hereby avoided.

  • Potato Windrowers

  • Samon - Model SA22 - 2-row Potato Windrowe

    Samon - Model SA22 - 2-row Potato Windrowe

    The Samon 2-row potato windrower comes with two sieving webs. The inlet of the machine, which was recently placed on the market, is equipped with diabolos and discs. The machine comes standard with wheels and a central delivery conveyor. Optionally, a side discharge conveyor can be used to deliver the harvested potatoes to the next row.