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  • Model TM3265, 3245, 3215 - Tractor

    Model TM3265, 3245, 3215 - Tractor

    TM series is classified into most compact tractor segment. Nevertheless, all new TM tractors provide excellent performance and high efficiency for professional and private users. The horsepower of 25, 23 and 20PS is selectable, and total nine model line-up including transmission type, Mechanical transmission or HST and ROPS type Center or Rear mounting are available for their landscaping and agricultural applications.

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  • Tractors

  • Iseki - Model TJW Series - Tractor

    Iseki - Model TJW Series - Tractor

    TJW117 is a ISEKI Symbol Tractor designed and built to meet a wide range of agricultural requirements. Maximum Performance for every application is brought out from its High Power and High quality. With its advanced technology and superior comfort, ISEKI TJW117 is the best tractor to meet your requirement of high productivity.

  • Iseki - Model TJA Series - Tractor

    Iseki - Model TJA Series - Tractor

    ISEKI is pleased to introduce the TJA series tractor range. Three models comprise the range with maximum engine output from 85.7 to 102ps making them versatile, multi-purpose tractors capable of tackling multiple jobs all the year round in farms and municipalities. Available in both cabin and ROPS configurations, TJA series utility tractor offers reliability, flexibility, and strong build quality.

  • Zero‐Turn Mower

  • Iseki - Model SZ330 Series - Zero Turn Mower

    Iseki - Model SZ330 Series - Zero Turn Mower

    Iseki Zero -Turn Mower SZ330 Series with enough high power diesel engine provide efficient performance for mowing. A machine can be operated by two maneuverable HST levers and performs 360 degree turning radius to eliminate uncut area surprisingly. Its solid and robust structure, wide mower deck will leads professional to satisfaction.

  • Riding Mower

  • Iseki - Model SXG216 Series - Riding Mower

    Iseki - Model SXG216 Series - Riding Mower

    The ISEKI's brand-new ride-on mower SXG216 offers excellent mowing performance and good maneuverability. The large displacement diesel engine with 688cc gives enough power and torque on even tall and dense grass. Integrated design including grass collector creates stylish image. Ergonomic control layouts make operator comfortable during the drive. SXG216 has suitable body size which can be loaded on small truck or trailer for transportation. Compact...

  • Tillers

  • Iseki - Model SA150 - Tiller

    Iseki - Model SA150 - Tiller

    SA150 is entry model tiller whose composition is simple for rotor operation. However This machine has durability, and big capacity engine is mounted for operating in various condition.The width of rotor can be changed for working in different situation. Operator can level their ground beautifully with adjustable handle. European safety regulation, ''EN709:1997+A4:2004'' is complied.

  • Iseki - Model SA250 - Tiller

    Iseki - Model SA250 - Tiller

    SA250 can be used for both plough operation and rotor operation. Operator can choose 4 forward speed and 2 reverse speed for ploughing by various implement. The angle of handle is also changeable vertically and horizontally for comfortable operation. This machine complies with European safety regulation 'European safety regulation, ''EN709:1997+A4:2004''''.

  • Rice Transplanter

  • Iseki - Model PZ Series - Rice Transplanter

    Iseki - Model PZ Series - Rice Transplanter

    ISEKI rice-transplanter 'PZ60' is designed to offer efficient productivity by advanced features such as high speed transplanting at 1.6m/s.  It enables low vibration, low noise level and light weight for its Powerful 16ps OHV petrol engine. HST transmission allows gear shifting from forward and reverse without using the clutch, which leads to easy operation.

  • Iseki - Model PC Series - Rice Transplanter

    Iseki - Model PC Series - Rice Transplanter

    Pendulum sensor' controls horizontal position and angle between the planter soil.  Precise feeding of seedlings by double feeding belts. Block finger nail and the guide provide with precise planting. The rice planter can be turned lightly and smoothly by grasp side clutch slightly and lift up. Height of Operator's handle is adjustable without tool.

  • Combined Harvester

  • Iseki - Model HJ Series - Combine Harvester

    Iseki - Model HJ Series - Combine Harvester

    Combine harvester HJ6120 named 'Japan' is the opening of new generation ISEKI combine which gave Japanese pro-farmers a impression by the appearance, high precision, performance and durability. In response to professional expectation under the severe condition, reaper unit adopts a Y character type conveyance method of cut paddy. It also enables shifting of pick up speed of paddy without stopping a combine during work.