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  • Grip 4

  • Grip 4 - Model 95-110 - Slope Tractor

    Grip 4 - Model 95-110 - Slope Tractor

    Even very steep hillside slopes will not upset the SAUERBURGER GRIP4. Its hydraulic all-wheel steering with three different steering  optionsallows very good maneuverability. It draws its power from a 95 bhp, 4-cylinder turbo engine. The optimum weight distribution of the machine also makes it very capable of climbing all slopes and tackling all types of terrain. Powerful yet economical engine The 4-cylinder Perkins diesel engine of very compact...

  • Yard Loader

  • Model SH 200, 300, 336, 400,500 & 555 - Yard Loader

    Model SH 200, 300, 336, 400,500 & 555 - Yard Loader

    The SAUERBURGER YARD LOADER makes a convincing impression through its well thought out design. The quiet-running and high-torque Perkins engines provide constant driving power for the powerful and large-volume hydrostatic drive. Full control of the vehicle and precise operation of the front loader is all done from a joystick. The low sitting position and the comfortable seat guarantee safe and non-tiring working. The articulated joint permits a very...

  • Tillage- Harrow

  • Model SKE - Rotary Harrow

    Model SKE - Rotary Harrow

    The SAUERBURGER rotary harrows are designed for gentle soil cultivation in row crops. Smooth exterior surfaces and the minimal difference between the exterior width to the working width allow optimum work without damage to the vines or plants. These two rotary harrows ensure uniform crumbling and the creation of a level seedbed without forming a base.

  • Model SKE-V - Power Harrow

    Model SKE-V - Power Harrow

    The new SAUERBURGER SKE-V power harrow is an innovative improvement on today's fixed width harrows. The SKE-V can be adjusted,without the need for tools, quickly and easily to suit the width of your rows. The special outer blades for the SKE-V can be quickly adjusted by simply pulling the pin out, adjusting the blade and reinserting the pin. The side casing is also simple to remove without the need for tools, giving easy access to the...

  • Tillage- Harrow- Seed Bed Preparation

  • DIABOLO - Seed Bed Preparation Machine

    DIABOLO - Seed Bed Preparation Machine

    SAUERBURGER DIABOLO Seed bed preperation from 4.5 - 9 meters. Adjustable levelling pressure easily set by the spindel. Depth adjustment of the chisels is easliy set using. Sprung wing chisels. Transport stetting

  • Livestock

  • Model EG  - Spreader

    Model EG - Spreader

    SAUERBURGER'S Spreader EG gives your animals a sturdy bed of cut straw, sawdust or other suitable materials without manual work by simply driving past.