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  • Growing & Harvesting

  • Savage - Model 5132 - 3-Point Blower Mounts

    Savage - Model 5132 - 3-Point Blower Mounts

    The Savage 3-point blower mounts to the rear of your tractor and has a finely balanced fan that's built for for speed and power. It will help the rest of your harvesting tasks run more efficiently.

  • Savage - Model 8548 - Row Harvester

    Savage - Model 8548 - Row Harvester

    The 8548 Row Harvester is the newest in our line of nut harvesters. The efficiency achieved with the Savage row harvester is something you will enjoy season after season.

  • Cleaning the Harvest

  • Savage - Cleaning Reels and Sizing Reels

    Savage - Cleaning Reels and Sizing Reels

    Savage Cleaning Reels consist of a slightly declined rotating “cage” through which the nuts progress as dirt, small rocks and other debris fall out the bottom. Similar in construction to the cleaning reel, the Savage Sizing Reel rapidly sorts nuts by size. These sizes can be configured to your unique requirements--as few as two sizes, or as many as five.

  • Savage - Stick Remover

    Savage - Stick Remover

    The Savage Stick Remover often serves as the essential first stage of a complete nut-cleaning plant. It is designed to quickly and efficiently remove sticks and larger pieces of debris from the harvested product. Our latest generation Stick Remover is more efficient than ever with a 2-stage conveyor chain to move the product along more smoothly.

  • Savage - Elevators/Conveyors

    Savage - Elevators/Conveyors

    Elevators/ConveyorsElevators and conveyors are critical components of any cleaning operation, and Savage manufactures and extensive array of them. Belt and Bucket Elevators are available in a variety of widths and lengths. Belt Elevator Widths: 8', 12', 24', 36'. Bucket Elevator Widths: 12', 18'. Belt Elevator Lenghts: 6' to 50'. Bucket Elevator Lengths: 6' to 25'.