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  • Walk-Behinds

  • Scag - Model SWZ - Hydro Walk Behind

    Scag - Model SWZ - Hydro Walk Behind

    The Scag SWZ Zero Turn Walk Behind Mower is the only choice for professional cutters like you. Its outstanding quality, dependability and performance will put you a step ahead of your competition. Dual hydraulic pumps and cast-iron wheel motors allow independent, positive power to each wheel. With counter-rotation turning, one wheel moves forward while the other moves backward, minimizing scuffed turf and increasing maneuverability in heavily...

  • Zero-Turn Riders

  • Turf Tiger - Zero-Turn Riding Mower

    Turf Tiger - Zero-Turn Riding Mower

    Since its original introduction in 1998, the Turf Tiger™ has been in a class by itself. There is no competition. Period. The Scag Turf Tiger can cover major grass with ground speeds up to 12mph (10mph on some models) and large, low-mounted fuel tank. The simple, trouble-free shaft drive cutter deck means minimum maintenance requirements and a wide range of cutting heights. The double tube steel main frame gives the mower incredible strength and...