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  • Spotmix - Fish Feeder

    Spotmix - Fish Feeder

    Spotmix Fish - the Revolutionary Economical Feed System for Professional Fish Farming. For more than 10 years, Spotmix Fish has impressed professional fish breeders worldwide with never-before seen options in fish feeding and with sensational profitability. The pneumatic, fully-automated feed system is able to supply any pond or lake with virtually any amount and composition of feed portion as many times a day as is needed. From the central feed...

  • Pig Equipment

  • Schauer - Dry Feed System

    Schauer - Dry Feed System

    It is not the complexity of the system, but its simplicity in use, with at the same time the highest functionality and quality, that characterises Schauer dry feed systems. The use of high-quality materials such as stainless steel in the area of the drive unit ensures optimal hygiene standards. New innovations such as Dryfeed Batch ensure reliability and reduce wear on the systems. The dry feed range is rounded off by an extremely wide selection of...

  • Schauer - Model Liquimix - Liquid Feeding System

    Schauer - Model Liquimix - Liquid Feeding System

    Schauer has been developing and distributing automatic liquid feeding plants for more than 40 years. But it is only recently, with the development of a completely new tank concept, the 'Easy Diamond', that Schauer has created a real star of a system that sets new standards in feeding hygiene. Many years of international experience and knowledge of the needs of large and small-scale pig farmers have enabled Schauer to create solutions that meet the...

  • Schauer - Model Spotmix - Multiphase Feeding System

    Schauer - Model Spotmix - Multiphase Feeding System

    For 20 years, Spotmix multiphase feeding has been the global, uncontested technological leader in feeding technology. No other system caters to the individual feeding needs of different groups of pigs and single animals as uncompromisingly. It makes it possible to distribute the ideal formula, re-calculated on a daily basis, for every single feeding place several times a day in the desired consistency. Immediately after measure pouring, the feeding...

  • Compident Automatic Feeding for Pregnant Sows

    Compident Automatic Feeding for Pregnant Sows

    30 years ago, long before most sty technology companies and pig farmers had thought about group farming, or the legal stipulations regarding it had come into force, Schauer had already started with the development and market introduction of Compident automatic feeding. Schauer is now the global market and technological leader with this system for the individual feeding and husbandry of pregnant sows. The secret of this success is like a beautiful...

  • Prefabricated Barn

    Prefabricated Barn

    Prefabricated barn concept for pig barns from Wolf System and Schauer Maschinenfabrik means outstanding quality for a fair price. According to Styrian example of prefabricated barn concepts for pig housing. Wolf Systems and Schauer Maschinenfabrik have developed and optimized that great prefabricated barn concept. The massive concrete prefabricated building has an 10 cm isolation. Stainless steel grid supports are used in oder to assure a...