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  • Model S1 - Forks

    Model S1 - Forks

    Forks are the combining element between the load and fork lift truck. They are the most stressed segments of an attachment and should thus meet the highest quality standard. For many years, the most common form of fork mounting on industrial trucks has been that specified in ISO standards. The dimensions and designs of fork carriages are defined in ISO 2328 (see fork carriage specifications). Forks are also available with other mounting specifications...

  • Model S2 - Carpet Poles

    Model S2 - Carpet Poles

    Carpet poles with small diameters made of solid material are used for handling carpet rolls. Two different materials are processed here (42CrMo4 or 30CrNiMo8) in order to obtain equal load capacities with different diameters. When choosing a carpet pole it should be considered that the thinner the carpet pole is, the greater the deflection. We recommend a carpet pole length of 3000 mm for rolls of 4000 mm length. For rolls of 5000 m length, the carpet...

  • Model S3 - Crane Jibs

    Model S3 - Crane Jibs

    Crane jibs are designed for handling suspended loads. The telescopable version can be used for many different applications even in locations with a limited amount of space. In general, a crane jib is mounted directly onto the fork carriage, a version with QD hooks is available. Crane jibs with pockets to be slipped onto forks are quite often chosen. The telescopable version is also available with hydraulics.

  • Model S4 - Bulk Bucket

    Model S4 - Bulk Bucket

    Bulk buckets are used for handling and transporting bulk goods such as sand, grain, fertilizer, potatoes or similar goods. The goods may not be picked up below floor level. The bucket should always be wider than the lift truck in order to ensure smooth operation. Bulk buckets are mounted directly onto the fork carriage, a version with QD hooks is available.

  • Model S5 - Telescopic Forks Load Extenders

    Model S5 - Telescopic Forks Load Extenders

    In many areas of logistics and warehousing technology, telescopic forks are used in order to facilitate one-sided loading of trucks or storage in doubledeep racks. Furthermore, these forks can be used as extensions for the adjustment of load depth. Telescopic forks are equipped with two-cylinder forced hydraulic synchronism. The residual load capacity and driver visibility of the lift truck are far superior to reach forks and load extenders. Load...

  • Model S6 - Snow Plows

    Model S6 - Snow Plows

    Snow plows are used for removing snow from large areas and paths. They are mounted by means of fork pockets that are secured with clamping screws. The shields are available in different widths, however, the effective plowing width (inclination – G-measure) must be greater than the width of the fork lift.. Due to the swiveling angle to the right or to the left the snow will slide to the side.