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  • Tuffy - Milk Filters

    Tuffy - Milk Filters

    TUFFY Filter Media is a multi-purpose, non-woven material designed to have the strength, speed and capacity to function efficiently in vacuum, gravity and low- or high-pressure pipeline installations. You specify the size and TUFFY Filters will handle the rest. Schwartz™ has combined the latest developments in fiber and chemical technology to produce a filter media that begins filtering instantly and continues to remove fine sediment, without...

  • Perfect-Fit - Milk Filter System

    Perfect-Fit - Milk Filter System

    Perfect-Fit is a patented new approach to in-line milk filtration. The Perfect-Fit System consists of a stainless steel coil, a rubber retainer and a Perfect-Fit® filter fitting securely around the coil. The sock and the coil are sized perfectly to make a snug fit, thus eliminating the problem of excess filter media which can lead to voids, breakage and lack of uniform filtration.

  • Filter-Clean - Isotropic Milk Filters

    Filter-Clean - Isotropic Milk Filters

    Designed strictly for gravity applications, with an emphasis on speed and capacity. The isotropic filter disc is a product of extensive research to help you increase quality milk production.

  • Food Processing Filters

    Food Processing Filters

    Strength, Speed and Sediment Retention for ALL Pipeline Systems. Our wide selection of sanitary filter media, with micron retention ratings from 23 to 765, provides the perfect filter for your application. A variety of sanitary, food grade woven and non-woven styles are available. These high quality filter sleeves are available in sizes to fit Tri-Clover and other popular in-line housings. Whether you are in the Food, Beverage, Brewery, Dairy or...

  • Air Vent and Pipeline Filter Screens

    Air Vent and Pipeline Filter Screens

    Isotropic filter and filter support allows venting of tanker truck while unloading. Designed to keep out debris, but allow air in for proper unloading. Pipeline Filter Screens help to keep milk free of sediment each time you unload a tanker. These filters can be easily clamped in between either the bulk tank or the tanker truck and the transfer hose valve while transferring milk between the farm and the milk processing plant. They provide a positive...