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  • Model Pro Series - Hover Trimmer

    Model Pro Series - Hover Trimmer

    The H­­over Trimmer is suitable for both the commercial and domestic markets. Thanks to its hovering technology, back strains and pulled muscles are a thing of the past. A cushion of air allows the Hover Trimmer to literally glide through tough work effortlessly. The entire unit becomes almost weightless, making it easy to maneuver and operate. String trimmers cut smaller areas, require constant string replacement, and leave clippings behind....

  • Model M800AL SPV Genius - Masport Mower

    Model M800AL SPV Genius - Masport Mower

    From top to bottom, the M800AL has incredibly useful features that make it easy to use and highly productive.  It all starts with the 21” wide alloy deck that resists corrosion and wear.  It has dual Mowzone so that both sides of the machine extend past the wheel for ease of mowing around and up to any obstacles. The “Greens Mower” style – vibration resistant, ergonomically designed and highly adjustable – handle keep all of the controls at the...