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  • Spray Nozzles

  • Sealpump - Hollow Cone Nozzles

    Sealpump - Hollow Cone Nozzles

    Hollow cone nozzles produce a cone shaped spray pattern with the spray distribution concentrated to the outside perimeter of the round impact area. These nozzles provide a particularly uniform atomisation, due to their flow design geometry. We offer a standard inline version available in a wide range of flow capacities and droplet sizes, this range provides a good interface between air and droplet surfaces. To achieve the hollow cone...

  • Automated Spraying Systems

  • Sealpump - Fluid Delivery System

    Sealpump - Fluid Delivery System

    The delivery of the fluid is critical in the running of the Automated Variable System package as ineffective supply can have a detrimental effect on the spray performance. Therefore the spray system uses both a stainless steel air driven diaphragm pump and 316SS pressure vessel to ensure that optimum performance is possible. Once the system is connected and the system primed, the pump will...