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  • Game Fishing Southern Tuna Hook

    Game Fishing Southern Tuna Hook

    Mustad type game tuna hook. Manufactured with the highest quality stainless steel, anti corrosive properties, strength and reliability. All sizes. Photo is of a : 10/0 and 11/0. These hooks are forged from the highest grade of stainless for strength, anti corrosive properties and reliability, quality is excellent. Our hooks have a world wide reputation for very high quality in both finish and sharpness.

  • Stud Link Chain, Black or Galvanised

    Stud Link Chain, Black or Galvanised

    Stud Link Chain used for Ships Anchoring & Moorings. Comes in Black or Galvanised with certificates. Commercial Fishing Supplies Studlink Chain in Black or Galvanised, Grades U1,U2,U3,U4 Sizes start at 12.5mm(BL132.4KN) going right up to 162mm(BL 15994.6KN) Supplied in any lengths or one continous length. We supply many of the aquaculture Tuna Farms, shipping companies and the Mining Industry with chain & anchors, heavy duty shackles to suit...