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  • Bins & Hoppers

    Bins & Hoppers

    KEEP YOUR SEED IN THE BEST STORAGE AVAILABLE. Bins and hoppers are the foundation of any seed site. Your valuable seed inventory needs to be kept clean, dry and free of bugs and other contaminants. For this reason, Seedpoint handles only the best designed bins and hoppers. In addition, we manage our own fleet of custom bin moving trailers to better serve the ongoing bin needs of our customers.

  • Seed Treaters

    Seed Treaters

    TREAT YOUR SEED WITH ACCURACY AND CONFIDENCE. Seed treaters play a crucial role in applying the appropriate amount of seed treatment, which in turn helps plants get off to a strong and healthy start. Treaters need to accurately meter seed treatment and apply it in a uniform manner to ensure the whole seed is protected in the soil. Seedpoint can help you determine what treater and accessories fit your needs.

  • Controls


    Controls enable the user to deliver the exact amount of seed to the scale hopper in a very controlled and efficient manner. Automation controls need to be simple enough to allow multiple people to use them easily. Seedpoint can outline the differences and help explain the features and benefits of different control packages so that you can select the package that best suits your site and situation.

  • Tenders


    DELIVER THE GOODS TO THE FIELD. Tenders are the final link in seed handling, preserving quality while getting seed to the field efficiently. A multitude of options are available to meet today’s demand for proper handling and efficiency. Seedpoint keeps a wide variety of tender configurations on hand and can help you and your customers move seed from your site to the field.

  • Seedpoint Site Components

    Seedpoint Site Components

    FIT AND FINISH – PULL IT ALL TOGETHER. Every seed site is unique. New site equipment needs to work not only with equipment from other manufacturers, but often needs to work with existing structures and site constraints. Seedpoint specializes in solving these issues and designing customized components that make it all work together like a well-oiled machine.