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  • Native Plants - Perennials and Bulbs

  • Allium Acuminatum

    Allium Acuminatum

    Habit: thin leaves sprout from the grayish brown egg-shaped bulb and then wither as flowering begins. The 10-20 bright magenta flowers appear at the top of the stalk forming an umbel with distinctively flared tips.  Flowers bloom between May and July. Ecology: dry hillsides, sun-exposed rocky meadows at low to mid elevations. Growing Conditions: full sun to partial shade, well-drained rocky soil to rather dry soil, drought tolerant once...

  • Allium Validum

    Allium Validum

    Habit: clustered, fibrous bulb producing long and angled flowering stems. Three to six flat leaves reach the flower height. Inflorescence comprised of 15-40 vivid pink flowers form a dense umbel with stamen extending above the petals. Pacific onion flowers after the camas in early summer. Ecology: found in wet meadows and swamps, grassy areas and bogs at elevations of 4,000-11,000 ft (1200-3350 m). Growing Conditions: full sun, moist soil. Likes wet...

  • Aquilegia Formosa

    Aquilegia Formosa

    Habit: upright tap rooted plant with several spreading stems. The blue-green leaves are mainly basal and lobed. Leaves are divided into multiples of three leaflets, with each leaflet also subdivided into 3 smaller lobed leaflets that overlap one another. Several nodding flowers, of deep red-orange and yellow, bloom from April to August on a mostly leafless stem.

  • Asarum Hartwegii

    Asarum Hartwegii

    Habit: low growing evergreen perennial from shallow ginger scented rhizomes.  Hartweg’s ginger forms small mounds of dark green leaves that are heart shaped with white marbling along the major veins and hair along the leaf margins. The solitary flower is hairy and produced underneath the leaves usually near the ground on a short peduncle. This flower has no petals, instead sepals are fused near the bottom forming a greenish, maroon striped...