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  • Rice Transplanter

  • Model 2ZG-6 - High Speed Rice Transplant

    Model 2ZG-6 - High Speed Rice Transplant

    Equipped with domestic famous high-power engine, powerful. 2, easy to achieve high efficiency, precision planting operations. Wide Delivery Miao Miao stable neat belt to send. Seedling firmly cover your block to prevent slipping. Transportation reliable, stable claw vine seedlings amount taken. Plastic ship humanization design: the perspective of workers in line for the sake of security, increasing the non-slip design. Using the handle fetching...

  • Tractor

  • Model FB304 - Tractor

    Model FB304 - Tractor

    FB30 Series tractor is to meet the domestic tractor market demand, from domestic and foreign advanced structure similar models on the basis of the design and development of new tractors. With power, easy to start, economic...