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  • Hanging Stackable Hay Basket

    Hanging Stackable Hay Basket

    Hangs on round or square pipe or wooden fencing. 2' wide by 21” tall. Manager is heavy solid 3/8' steel rod. Back is 18 ga. sheet metal to prevent moochers.

  • Hay & Grain Feeder

    Hay & Grain Feeder

    Research with veterinarians and producers helped design a feeder combining animal safety & thrift in hay loss. The grain trough is 1/8' X 2' X 2' angle iron surrounding 18 ga. sheet metal. A lip at the grain tough edge prevents grain & leaf from being pulled onto the ground. The manger is solid 3/8' rod. Rod spacing either 3' or 4”. Minimum height is 40', adjustable legs can raise it to 50' & level the feeder on uneven ground.

  • Hanging Corner Feeder

    Hanging Corner Feeder

    Ideal in kidding & lambing pens. 24'T x 22' wide. Hold hay & grain. Your babies will love to sleep “under” it.

  • Hanging Creep Grain Feeder

    Hanging Creep Grain Feeder

    Measures 24' T x 24” across. Great for creeping the little ones . Opens from the back. No need to get in pen.

  • Bulk Feeder

    Bulk Feeder

    The Bulk Feeder is 42' T x 4' across & 4' deep. The slide top keeps weather & livestock out, but makes filling the 400 lb. capacity hopper easy. Constructed of 18 ga. sheet metal and 1' sq. - 16 ga. frame. The feeder is mounted on 3/4' pipe skids to make the feeder easy to move.