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  • Shifeng Simple tractor cab

    Shifeng Simple tractor cab

    A concise, practical, for the design concept, Shifeng  easy cab greatly improved the product's price, so that products more user-friendly, eliminates concerns about your sun and rain, an increase of structural strength. The new Easy cab modeling smooth, using simple language explained Smart tractor Shifeng side..

  • Shifeng golden Eagle - Model 2008A - Combine Harvester

    Shifeng golden Eagle - Model 2008A - Combine Harvester

    The 4 type LZs-2s gold eagle series round type associately harvests machine to adopt to specially slice to flow from the walk type rice wheat, the stalk flow a pair of rollers to carry on taking off grain and separation and stir a grain round to have no class to become soon, pure choose big scope of amount of breeze of adjustment, the fan type replies to take off a machine to carry on miscellaneous remaining is two processings, the adjustable type...