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  • Complete Grain Drying Solutions

  • Shivvers Circu-Lator - Model II - Sweep Auger

    Shivvers Circu-Lator - Model II - Sweep Auger

    The Circu-Lator II tapered sweep auger removes an even layer of dried grain from the perforated floor to the center vertical where it is lifted to a transfer auger and on to your storage bins. The Shivvers Circu-Lator II Performance System consists of a circulater II (the augering equipment inside the bin;) COMPUDRY™ Command Center; drying floor and supports; continuous flow...

  • Shivvers DRI-FLO - Model 1000 - Bottom Transfer Machine

    Shivvers DRI-FLO - Model 1000 - Bottom Transfer Machine

    The DRI-FLO 1000 is a 'bottom transfer' machine that offers a removal rate up to 1000 bushels per hour. The heavy duty bonnet with removable panels allows easy access to grease the center gearbox. The sweep augers bring grain through “metering ring” liners located under the bonnet.  Fingers on these liners restrict grain flow so an even layer of grain is drawn off the floor without “coning out” in the center...

  • Shivvers CIRCU-LATOR - Model I - Grain Drying Machine

    Shivvers CIRCU-LATOR - Model I - Grain Drying Machine

    With the Shivvers CIRCU-LATOR I grain drying machine, you can take advantage of the same continuous counter-flow drying technology available with our Performance Systems, but on a smaller scale. The CIRCU-LATOR I provides grain drying capacity of up to 7200 bushels per day.

  • Control Solutions

  • Shivvers COMPUDRY - Precision Computerized Moisture Control Monitors

    Shivvers COMPUDRY - Precision Computerized Moisture Control Monitors

    The COMPUDRY Command Center constantly monitors conditions such as grain moisture, grain temperature, and plenum temperature, while also controlling all components of the system. Designed with the operator in mind, it is easy to use with fingertip control of your entire drying process.  Make your initial settings to the Command Center, concentrate on harvesting your crop, and keep grain in the drying tank ... while the Command Center does the...

  • Shivvers - Model EZ - Control System

    Shivvers - Model EZ - Control System

    For those wanting precision computer control at reduced cost, Shivvers' EZ Check is an excellent alternative. The EZ Check computer control reads and displays grain moisture and temperature while also controling moisture content of dry grain being transferred to storage. The EZ Check allows you to adjust any parameter with a twist of the dial and flick of the switch. EZ Check is the reasonably priced alternative to hi-tech, high ticket control...

  • Components

  • Shivvers - Grain Hog Spreaders

    Shivvers - Grain Hog Spreaders

    The Grain Hog is a high capacity grain spreader that distributes grain as it is added to the bin, giving a more even air flow throughout your drying bin. The Grain Hog is a large body spreader with your choice of large or small pans, depending on your need, and is fully adjustable from the center fill hole using an extension wrench. Standard on all Shivvers Performance Systems. Fill capacity is 3200 to 5000 BPH.

  • Shivvers - Mini Diverter

    Shivvers - Mini Diverter

    Shivvers Mini Diverter mounts above the Grain Hog Spreader and directs the grain stream to one side of the spreader while slowly rotating, giving the effect of perfectly centered grain.  The Mini Diverter is rated for input augers up to 10' diameter, or approximately 3,000 bushels of wet corn per hour.  It will fit bins with at least a 28' roof opening and only requires 1 amp of 120 VAC power, with no special receptacle needed.

  • Shivvers - Controlled Flow Grain Spreader

    Shivvers - Controlled Flow Grain Spreader

    Our Controlled Flow Grain Spreader features a dual motor drive system with variable speeds that drives the spreader pan, while another motor drives the diverter valve. The diverter valve rotates slowly as it fills the pan and meters the right amount of grain to evenly fill all sides of the bin.

  • Shivvers - Level-Dry Grain Spreader

    Shivvers - Level-Dry Grain Spreader

    For optimum capacity and performance, the Shivvers Level-Dry Grain Spreader is unmatched. Grain transferred from a wet holding bin funnels into a hopper and is then fed into the leveling auger of the Level-Dry. The leveling auger’s unique design smoothly distributes the wet grain across the top of the drying zone. With each pass, coning is eliminated and low spots are filled, leaving a smooth level surface. This keeps static...

  • Fans and Heaters

  • Shivvers BLUEFLAME - Dryers

    Shivvers BLUEFLAME - Dryers

    At 3,650,000 BTU, our BLUEFLAME™ dryer features the largest burner made for a 28” fan. This powerful fan and heater combination is powered by a 13-hp single- or 3-phase electric motor. It provides enough heat to warm freezing air to 200° F.  The BLUEFLAME™, implementing a Hi-Low burner control, provides the most evenly heated drying air for the Shivvers counter-flow drying system.