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  • Flat Bottom Silos

  • SiloPro - Flat Bottom Silos

    SiloPro - Flat Bottom Silos

    SILOPRO commercial grain bins offer many outstanding strength and durability features. Wide corrugated steel sheets manufactured from high strength steel, heavy duty galvanized steel stiffeners and strong box-rib roofs are some of the quality features available.Our complete line of commercial bins are available in diameters from 15 feet (4.57 m) to 105 feet (32 m). Extra-tall sizes are available in all diameters.

  • SiloPro - Wall Sheets

    SiloPro - Wall Sheets

    SILOPRO wall sheets are in G-115 (350gr/m²) standarts and %20 heavier than the G-90 standart metal sheets. This difference not only prolongs the life of the coating, but also provides protection against external factors. The 4'wide corrugations on Silopro sidewall sheets create less resistance and friction to allow grain to flow more easily. Silopro sheets are 44' high, so there are fewer rings, seams and bolts than bins with 32' sidewalls.

  • SiloPro - Stiffiners & Bolts

    SiloPro - Stiffiners & Bolts

    As a result of laboratory tests, SILOPRO stiffeners are in G-115 ( 350gr/m² ) standarts which are %25 stronger against colour casts and oxidation than G-90 standart stiffeners. Also %60 more protective than stiffeners produced under G-90 standarts.

  • SiloPro - Splices

    SiloPro - Splices

    SILOPRO stiffeners feature strong splice joints with large cross sectional areas, both critical elements of vertical stiffeners. Splices thicknesses vary from 4mm to 8mm according to the design.

  • SiloPro - Roof Systems

    SiloPro - Roof Systems

    Our aim for designing the silo roof with 30° degree inclination is to easily flow out the moisture in the silo. During the ventilation, it also helps the air to flow out easily. SILOPRO roofs are produced to be resistant upto a maximum peek load from 15.000lb. to 30.000lb. During designing, we consider values as a standart in snow load 40lb/ft and in wind load 90mph. Silos between 3.65 mt-12.80 mt diameters have roof structure supported on a...

  • SiloPro - Wind Rings

    SiloPro - Wind Rings

    SILOPRO wind rings mounted on the body of the silo, provide stable structure to the silo during filling and disharge. During the discharge process, silo opposes the pressure and stress of the side walls by the help of these rings. This allows you to use your silo with confidence for many years. SILOPRO wind rings can also be used in the roof to strength the construction as used in the silo body sheets. SILOPRO wind rings are mounted on the silos...

  • Hopper Bottom Silos

  • SiloPro - Hopper Bottom Silos

    SiloPro - Hopper Bottom Silos

    SILOPRO hopper bottom silos are produced in range from 5 tonne up to 1.000 tonne. Generally,it is preferred in continous discharge status. During unloading, out of energy use and lower operating costs is the main reason to prefer these type silos. Moreover, this type is a special preference with the grains that has low angle of repose. For this reason, SILOPRO hopper bottom silos are the best solution if you want complete discharge, self-discharge or...

  • Aeration Systems

  • Handling Equipments

  • SiloPro - Bucket Elevators

    SiloPro - Bucket Elevators

    Bucket elevators are a key component of your grain handling system no matter the size of your grain storage system. SILOPRO offers only the highest quality bucket elevators with capacities from 5 MT to 500 MT. SILOPRO bucket elevators include an inspection door designed to be weather-tight and make maintenance and inspection easier. We have many options available for your bucket elevators. Size, capacity, boot and trunk type, and cup types are a few...

  • SiloPro - Chain Conveyors

    SiloPro - Chain Conveyors

    SILOPRO chain conveyors are built for longevity and their flexibility allows application in most operations. This benefit of chain conveyors means that you can customize your grain storage system however. No matter what the site and needs are, there are plenty of options possible to suit your situation. SILOPRO allways design the conveying system that is right for you, depending on your site, grain being moved, capacities, wear factors, and feeding...

  • SiloPro - Distributors for Precise Control

    SiloPro - Distributors for Precise Control

    Keep grain moving where you want it to go with precise control and long life. SILOPRO distributors provide trouble free operation and rugged dependability. Some of the features of SILOPRO distributors include dry or wet grain operation, dust and weather tight design and a positive locking device.

  • Grain Processing Machines

  • SiloPro - Grain Dryers Processing Machines

    SiloPro - Grain Dryers Processing Machines

    SILOPRO dryers are built tough with the most modern features available for high performance and simplified operation. All of our units feature G115 galvanized, ribbed, and perforated sidewalls with solid 16-gauge column dividers every two feet. (Stainless steel perforated outside wall sheets along with stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers are also available.). SILOPRO offers only the highest quality grain dryers with capacities from 3 MT to 50...

  • SiloPro - Model Drum-Type - Grain Cleaning Machines

    SiloPro - Model Drum-Type - Grain Cleaning Machines

    Drum-type cleaning machines are produced in 20-100 ton capacity ranges. SILOPRO branded cleaning machines cleans all the unwanted materials (trash, dust, hay, stone, etc.) in every kind of grain ( wheat, barley, corn, canola, soybean, etc.). With this process,there is no need to clean the grain again because of the perfect decomposing.

  • Steel Constructions

  • SiloPro - Steel Structures for Commercial Construction

    SiloPro - Steel Structures for Commercial Construction

    Our expertise and experience has grown to all facets of commercial construction. Our rich history was built around commercial projects, primarily through the use of pre-engineered steel buildings. Throughout the years we have used steel buildings in a wide array of applications.