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  • Mixers

  • SAC - Model 2000 Series Maxi-Mixer - Feed Mixers

    SAC - Model 2000 Series Maxi-Mixer - Feed Mixers

    Simple design, few moving parts and the ability to mix just about anything. The 2000 Series Feed Mixers process long stem hay quickly and completely using either a single horizontal auger or twin horizontal augers.  Aggressive lower augers process hay quickly and blend ingredients to get you to the bunk faster.

  • SAC - Model 3600 Series Maxi-Mixer  - Feed Mixers

    SAC - Model 3600 Series Maxi-Mixer - Feed Mixers

    The 3600 Series Maxi-Mixer  offers true flexibility in a vertical mixer, providing the ability to effectively mix both feedlot and dairy rations with a single auger design.  The exclusive SAC auger will mix high density feedlot rations without knives, or dairy rations with knives, both with less time and horsepower.  Available in both trailer and truck models, 350-1245 cubic feet capacities, multiple discharge options, and...

  • Baggers

  • SAC - Model Roto-Press - Silage Bagging Systems

    SAC - Model Roto-Press - Silage Bagging Systems

    ROTO-PRESS bagging systems offer the ultimate in cost-effective crop storage. Less expensive than permanent silos and bunkers, bagged storage also prevents the nutrient loss of bales, stacks or pits. The ROTO-PRESS bagging system provides the exact storage capacity, where you need it…every time. Versatile and flexible, the ROTO-PRESS bags anything from silage to bi-products to simultaneously bagging and cracking shell corn when a roller mill is...

  • SAC - Bunker Covers

    SAC - Bunker Covers

    Sioux Automation Center carries a variety of bunker cover sizes in stock to meet your needs.  The white exterior of the silage bags repels solar heat, keeping the contents cooler. The black inner liner keeps sunlight out and prevents nutrient loss. The UV inhibitors of the bags prevent sun damage to the bag. Our bunker covers have the strongest tear resistance available. Our manufacturers are also of the few that offer hard to find widths...