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  • Siromer Loader

    Siromer Loader

    Siromer Loaders are engineered for Siromer tractors. Our loaders are self levelling with dual action rams on the bucket and lift. Available with either a standard or 4 in 1 bucket, loaders are supplied ready to install with bucket, hydraulic fittings, controls and mounting brackets. The float position on the spool valve makes the loader great for levelling.

  • Siromer - Model B - Backhoe

    Siromer - Model B - Backhoe

    Siromer's B94 Backhoe is fitted with an industry standard CAT I linkage. The B94 Backhoe will fit the following Siromer Tractors; 204S, 304, 204E, 244E, 354E. The B95 Backhoe is fitted with an industry standard CAT I and CAT II linkage and will fit the following Siromer Tractors; 404CH, 454CH, 504CH. Powered by a PTO driven internal hydraulic pump, which means there are no tractor hydraulic requirements. The backhoes easily attach to your tractor's...

  • Siromer - Galvanised Topper

    Siromer - Galvanised Topper

    Siromer's Galvanised Toppers are complete with shear bolt PTO shaft and can be used inline or semi-offset. Height adjustable skids provide users with four different cutting heights for the heavy duty blades. Toppers are economical grass cutters and are primairly used for cutting scrub or topping field. For a closer finish owners should consider a flail or finishing mower if cutting lawns or golf greens.

  • Siromer - Timber Trailer

    Siromer - Timber Trailer

    Heavy duty pallet forks capable of lifting 1000kg. Make light work of transporting goods on your smallholding. Adjustable tines. Rear mounted. Quality steel construction. Fold up for ease of transport and storage.

  • Siromer - Compact Tractors

    Siromer - Compact Tractors

    Power steering. selectable 4wd. dual stage clutch. category 1 three point linkage. split brakes. 2 speed pto (540/1000rpm). differential lock. folding roll bar. sprung seat. Full UK HSE and OECD approval. choice of ag or turf tyres. choice of shuttle or creeper gearbox.

  • Siromer - Front End Loaders

    Siromer - Front End Loaders

    Lift Capacity 500 kg. Maximum Lift Height (Bucket Pivot) 2200 mm. Dump Height 1650 mm. Digging Depth 140 mm. Bucket capacity 0.2 cu m. Bucket Width 1520 mm.