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  • Box Tippers

  • Model KT Series - Box Tippers

    Model KT Series - Box Tippers

    Capacity, Leistung  50 box/h, 50 box/h. Box width Kiste breite 1800 mm, 1600 mm. Box height. 1200 mm, 1200 mm. Volum 1600 kg, 1800 kg. Motor 2,2 kW, 2,2 kW. Weight 725 kg, 745 kg

  • Silos

  • Model AB Series - Receiving Hopper

    Model AB Series - Receiving Hopper

    Suitable for sideways and backwards tipping. Internal rubber coating preventing bruises. Belt relief bracket mounted over the belt. Adjustable belt speed via variator

  • Model ABM  Series - Buffer Silo

    Model ABM Series - Buffer Silo

    Internally covered w. damping materials. Displaced cleats for even flow. Prepared for SKALS box tipper. Adjustable belt speed via variator. Constructed in galvanised plating

  • Model AV 418 - Silo

    Model AV 418 - Silo

    Contains w. 1 superstructure approx. 1.000 kg.. Internal rubber eliminates product damages. Continuously variable belt speed via variator. Outlet shutter for outlet flow control. Pressure relief above the belt. Belt scrapers for keeping the belt clean

  • Grading

  • Combi  - Model SK 603 / 604 - Grading Machine

    Combi - Model SK 603 / 604 - Grading Machine

    Shock- / shake principle ensures precision.2 sizes via side outlet into boxes.2 sizes on inspection table for manual inspection. Inspection table with waste channel, lightning and variator.Mounted on a frame with wheels - flexible and mobile.Exchangeable riddles covered with plastic.Including feeding elevator and electrical controls.Cost effective alternative for smaller lines - 4 T / h

  • Shock - Grading Machine

    Shock - Grading Machine

    Shock principle ensures great precision. Tested and respected SKALS principle (eccentric). Adjustable jump height. Adjustable jump angle. Exchangeable plastic covered riddles. All riddles placed at the same level. Riddle width 900 mm. Painted in Grey

  • Washing & Drying

  • Conveyors