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  • Color Sorter

  • Grain

  • Model Royal series  - Color Separators

    Model Royal series - Color Separators

    The Royal series of color separators offers fast and convenient operation. Royal is equipped with a very precise pair of high resolution CCD cameras capable of identifying even minor impurities. Royal can recognize and separate glass, plastic, stone and even pin points of rice.

  • Conveyors


    Galvanised conveyorswith chain&flights for horizontal or inclined conveying of cereals or meal.Applications : Reception and transfer of cereals, pellets or meals. Pinion- chain drive by 3-phased motor 1450 rpm throughput 40 to 80m³/h.  Galvanised accessories for input and output of conveyors

  • Chain & Flight Elevators

    Chain & Flight Elevators

    Chain&flight elevators for meal dry or wet. Construction galvanised or stainless steel sheets . (recommended for wet corn). Rigid polyethylene flights. Belt and pulleys drive by 3-phased motor 1450 rpm. Height 3.5m to 10m. Max throughput 23m³/h. Input by lateral auger driven by the elevator. Output 140 (galvanised version) or...

  • Bucket Elevators

    Bucket Elevators

    Galvanized bucket elevators for cereals and meal. Driving of belt and pulley by motor three-phased 950 rpm Standard range : Height 6 m to 30 m – flow rates 54m³/h to 130m³/h. Many available accessories : intake hopper, ouput boxes with 2,3 or 6 outletswith manual or automatic control, galvanized downpipe, safety ladders and platforms.

  • Model 30 & PN 50  - Grain Cleaners

    Model 30 & PN 50 - Grain Cleaners

    Grain cleaners efficient, economic and compact. Connection accessories on augers and elevators. Deportable galvanised cyclone for dust collection outlet.

  • Feed Mill Unit

  • Seed Cleaning and Seed Grading Machines

  • Airflow mix - Model MH1500 - Feed Mill Unit

    Airflow mix - Model MH1500 - Feed Mill Unit

    Fresh boost ! Behind this new feed mill, these are 15 years of experience acquired in feed production and in pneumatic conveying associated to current techniques that have served as a basis to design this new range of on-farm feed mill units in an industrial logic. Blender capacity of 1500 kg with a tank in water-drop shape closely to the auger ensuring an inside self washing. Decrease of maintenance operation thanks to...

  • Pulco - Air Separator

    Pulco - Air Separator

    Pulco aspiratorThe Pulco efficiently separates both light and heavy crops by air. The aspirator can be used in any plant exactly where it will be most useful. It may be for precleaning at intake, for additional air cleaning in a fine cleaning process, for cereal seed before dressing, for industrial cleaning, or for malt at outloading. The Pulco is designed to do the best possible cleaning under all circumstances. It can also be used to fractionate by...

  • Model RS 280 - Crusher

    Model RS 280 - Crusher

    Specialist in breeding equipment for over 60 years SKIOLD- ACEMO has emerged over time as one of the best specialists in the food preparation equipment. Economic constraints related to advancement of knowledge in animal nutrition make use of the flattened cereals increasingly widespread in our farms. Based on the experience with thousands of flattening, SKIOLD- ACEMO developed the RS 280 – 2 rolls trained...

  • Lofco - Air Separator

    Lofco - Air Separator

    Lofco is a highly efficient aspirator with built-in air recycling system for the separation of light particles from grain, seed, and other granulated material.

  • Sigma - Planet Drum Separator

    Sigma - Planet Drum Separator

    The Sigma is a high-capacity cleaning and grading machine. Its primary function is pre-cleaning, malting barley grading, intervention standard cleaning, as well as industrial cleaning of cereals and hard seeds. It is also capable of cleaning cereal seed under certain circumstances.

  • Omega - Universal Cleaning Machine

    Omega - Universal Cleaning Machine

    The Omega is a further development of previous DAMAS machines for cleaning grain and seed. The Omega is very flexible and can therefore be used for all cleaning and grading tasks from pre-cleaning to fine cleaning. The Omega is available in a number of different designs and sizes for different purposes.

  • Model RS 350 - Crusher

    Model RS 350 - Crusher

    Ideal flattener for any size of grain (cereals, corn, peas, lupin, horse, bean,..)alone or mixed. The big grains are first crushed between the little roller and one of the largest rollers ; flattening is then made between the two large rollers. Specialist in breeding equipment for over 60 years SKIOLD- ACEMO has emerged over time as one of the best specialist in the food preparation equipment. Ecomonic...

  • Model RS 380 - Crusher

    Model RS 380 - Crusher

    Extremely quiet. Ideal for grains of all sizes alone or in blend. Throughput :  4 kW from 600 to 1100 kg/h. 5,5 kW from 750 to 1400 kg/h.  7,5 kW from 850 to 1750 kg/h.

  • Breeding Equipment

  • Feed Milling - Fed Production Equipment- Intake

  • Cleaners


    SKIOLD's cleaners are suitable for cleaning of all common cereals, maize, and peas used for livestock feed. SKIOLD's range includes two types of cleaners; a screen cleaner and a drum cleaner. The capacity ranges from 500 kg/hour to 5 tons/hour, if the cleaner is placed in the feed mill. If the cleaner is placed directly after the intake hopper, the capacity is somewhat higher, from 30 to 200 tons/hour. Placed after the intake, they function as...

  • Raw Material Grain Intake Hopper

    Raw Material Grain Intake Hopper

    The raw material intake hopper is often built into the floor with a grate for removal of impurities. The raw materials are filled into the raw material intake from bulk or bags, and transported from here to the feed milling plant. A cleaner is often placed just after the intake. The cleaner separates grain and impurities by means of a screen. Dust and other micro particles are removed by means of a built-in dust aspiration system. Once cleaned, the...

  • Feed Milling - Fed Production Equipment- Drying

  • Silos for Moist Grain

    Silos for Moist Grain

    One or more silos for moist grain, called wet bins or buffer silos, are often part of the drying plant. These work as pre-bins for the dryer, and ease separation of moist and dry grain, by which they contribute to an optimum utilization of the drying plant. The silo works as pure buffer/storage bin, and has a typical capacity of 40-100 tons.

  • Grain Drying Plants

    Grain Drying Plants

    Generally speaking, there are two principles for drying; continuous flow drying and on-floor drying. The continuous flow dryer is characterized by a high degree of flexibility when drying different raw materials. It is also suitable for very moist products. The continuous flow dryer is often used in grain storage plants with large outdoor flat-bottom steel silos. The on-floor drying plant combines the storage and drying function. It is suitable for...

  • Conveying Equipment

  • Model Type DT - Belt Conveyor

    Model Type DT - Belt Conveyor

    DAMAS trough belt conveyor type DT with mobile base.DAMAS standard trough belt conveyors are supplied with reduction gear. Alternatively they can be supplied with drum motor, making the construction simpler and easier to maintain.The belt conveyors are solid constructions, resulting in high dependability. The standard types are made of galvanized steel, but belt conveyors with painted surfaces or made of other materials such as stainless steel are...

  • Model type D - Bucket Elevator

    Model type D - Bucket Elevator

    DAMAS bucket elevators type D are designed for vertical conveying of grain, cereal seed, granulates, etc. The standard elevators are made of galvanized steel. Elevators with lacquered surface or made of special steel are also available.

  • Chain Conveyor

    Chain Conveyor

    The DAMAS chain conveyor is designed for horizontal conveyance of grain, if a closed, dustfree conveyance or if many outlets are required.The chain conveyor can be placed in connection with an intake hopper on top of the conveyor or as side inlet. The chain conveyor is made in an industrial and sturdy design, resulting in minimum maintenance and problem-free operation.

  • Feed Milling - Fed Production Equipment- Cleaning

  • Twin Drum Cleaner

    Twin Drum Cleaner

    The SKIOLD twin drum cleaner is designed for efficient cleaning separating both under- and oversized impurities from many different sorts of raw materials for animal feed e.g. wheat, barley, maize, peas, etc.

  • Screen Cleaner

    Screen Cleaner

    The SKIOLD screen cleaner is designed for efficient cleaning separating both under- and oversized impurities from many different sorts of raw materials for animal feed e.g. wheat, barley, maize, peas, etc.

  • Self Cleaning Jet Filters

    Self Cleaning Jet Filters

    SKIOLD self cleaning filters reduces the amount of dust in the mill. Installing filtres in the feed mill you reduce moisture level and prevents bacterial growth.

  • Filter

  • Model Type R - Jet Air Filter

    Model Type R - Jet Air Filter

    Filter type R is an efficient round filter, designed for continuous operation, if dust particles are to be separated for environmental reasons.Automatic cleaning of the filter bags effected by the efficient cleaning system ensures a stable, low pressure drop. The dust emission can often be reduced to less than 10 mg/m3 air, i.e. far below normal legal requirements.

  • Feed Milling - Fed Production Equipment- Storage Systems

  • Storage / Proportioning Silos

    Storage / Proportioning Silos

    SKIOLD supplies storage silos in galvanized steel. The storage silos are available in two types; flat bottom silos and hopper silos. The flat bottom silos have a capacity of max. 15,000 tons. Hopper bottom silos hold up to 1,300 tons. The silos can be supplied with aeration system and temperature monitoring system. Storing/proportioning silos used in the feed mill are available in round or square shape. Round silos are available in either...

  • Grain Silo Aeration System

    Grain Silo Aeration System

    The aeration system is used to control/lower the temperature in the silo, if the temperature monitoring system indicates that the temperature is increasing. Cooling and aeration of the raw materials is done by blowing or aspirating air through a channel system in the bottom of storage silo or the on-floor bulk storage by means of a fan.

  • Discharge / Sweep Augers

    Discharge / Sweep Augers

    In flat bottom silos, the grain is discharged by means of an outlet, and a discharge/sweep auger and three additional outlets are used to empty the silo completely. The grain is conveyed to the feed mill via a transport system, or recirculated to other silos or to a drying plant. In hopper silos, there is a throttle in the bottom of the hopper, from which the grain is transported or recirculated.

  • Farm Systems- Dry Feeding

  • TransPork - Cable Feeding Drive Unit

    TransPork - Cable Feeding Drive Unit

    The solid construction permits an capacity of 400 to 2100 kg/h which is almost twice the capacity of other traditional dry feeding systems. TransPork is therefore well suited as a dry feeding system for pigs. TransPork dry feeding system can be installed with SKIOLD volume dispensers or used as a filling system for Maximat® feeding automats. The TransPork® drive wheel has a wide diameter securing a safe gear and minimum...

  • TransPork  - Cable Feeding Hopper

    TransPork - Cable Feeding Hopper

    The SKIOLD TransPork hopper is simple in design with a stainless cabinet for outdoor as well as indoor mounting. The hopper can be placed free standing on the floor or suspended under a silo. The inlet is adapted for standard hoppers, but is also available with special connections. The feed quantity is easy to adjust without using tools, and the proportioning can be checked through the inspection glass. The cabinet of the hopper is...

  • TransPork  - Volume Dispensers

    TransPork - Volume Dispensers

    The SKIOLD volume dispenser is a feed dispenser for restrictive feeding and is mounted on the feed pipe. The volume dispenser is suitable for both trickle feeding and phase feeding. The dispenser is available in 4 different sizes of respectively 4, 6, 8 and 10 L. The feeding amount can be adjusted individually at each dispenser. If pens are empty The SKIOLD volume dispenser can be blinded by closing the shutter at the dispenser inlet. A...

  • Maximat  - Feeding Automats

    Maximat - Feeding Automats

    SKIOLD has once again lead the way with the newest generation of feeding machines, Maximat Weaner, Maximat Porker and Maximat Aqua. The feeding machines have essential details like for example slip angles in the hopper that prevent feed cluttering so well that even feeds with high contents of moist and fat slide through the hopper, through the dosing unit and, into the trough. The Maximat machines are easy to clean without the need of any...

  • Farm Systems- Liquid Feeding

  • Mixing Tanks

    Mixing Tanks

    The mixing tanks are equipped with a drain which helps to reduce remaining quantities as well as a cleaning door with a mounted magnet to sort out any metallic foreign bodies. Rest-tanks can be integrated with the main mixing tank for storage of remaining quantities. Furthermore, they will be an incorporated part of the pipe cleaning system, in which old recipes are being 'pushed' out by new ones. Both the rest-tanks and mixing tanks are equipped with...

  • Feed Pumps

    Feed Pumps

    Installations are equipped with tested pumps with high performance and operational reliability. Centrifugal pumps in stainless steel and supplied with 4,0 or 5,5 kW motors. SKIOLD is very focussed on energy consumption and maintenance costs.

  • Feed Valves

    Feed Valves

    SKIOLD offer a complete programme of feed valves which among others consists of feed valves, section valves and ball valves. The ball valves are used especially in challenging conditions, where feed needs to be pumped over long distances. The new DM5 feed valve has been developed to withstand the future demands of secure operation and easy. The valve is equipped with a stainless rough-boring angle and stainless bolts, which makes it...

  • Other Products

  • Model Halmu - Straw Drum

    Model Halmu - Straw Drum

    The Halmu is used for raw material with much straw or large particles to be removed from the material before the final process. The Halmu is of solid steel construction. The drum and feed roller are driven by a geared motor via chain drive.

  • Hambo - Scarifier

    Hambo - Scarifier

    The Hambo is a solid construction, consisting of a frame and a housing of steel, a tripartite rotor with exchangeable beaters, an exchangeable scarifying basket, a driving mechanism with geared motor, and an outlet hopper of steel.

  • Kiban - Clipper

    Kiban - Clipper

    The Kiban is a steel construction fitted with a rotating shaft with steel pegs. This shaft is suspended in sturdy ball bearings. The top cover of the Kiban is equipped with clipper-de-awner cloth on the underside. Furthermore, the through is reinforced with exchangeable wear plates of steel. The throughgoing long flap at the bottom can be removed completely to ease cleaning of the clipper-de-awner.

  • Grain

  • Silo Plants

    Silo Plants

    SKIOLD supplies complete silo plants. The assortment includes galvanized steel silos of high quality, large flat-bottom storage silos, smaller hopper silos for raw materials or ready feed, intake, cleaning, drying, and conveying equipment. Silo plants from SKIOLD are always dimensioned and designed individually for each specific task, in our usual high standard and quality.