Sneller Machine

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  • Sneller - Model 360° - Grapple

    Sneller - Model 360° - Grapple

    The Sneller 360° Grapple has been built tough enough to use for log piling, scrap sorting, and demolition clean-up. Continual rotation and jaw movement are hydraulically operated.

  • Stump Mills

    With the Self Powered Sneller Stump Mill you can utilize the excavator you already have. The excavator mounted stump mill mounts on the end of the boom as easily as changing a bucket or mount to the Sneller Multi~Task.

  • Sneller - Model M300 - Stump Mill Cutter

    Sneller - Model M300 - Stump Mill Cutter

    Sneller Stump Mill M300 Cutter Wheel Highlights, of the Sneller Stump Mill include: an innovative, patented M300 Cutting Wheel and M250 Cutting Tooth design. Sneller’s patented M300 Cutting Wheel was designed and machined with pockets in it to accommodate the M250 tooth. This advanced design installs teeth directly into the wheel eliminating the need for bolts and welding; Teeth are replaced quickly and easily with a punch and hammer. The...