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  • Soil Preparation Machines - Cultivator

  • Soilmaster - Single Row Rotating Harrow Combination Cultivator

    Soilmaster - Single Row Rotating Harrow Combination Cultivator

    Hydraulic collapsible cultivator has tied to back hydraulic arms of tractor with the system of 3 point hooks. Hydraulic collapsible cultivator has been produced type of turndown and upright spring and as the combinations of turning rake which is single or couple row. Also, it is planned with 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27 and 29 feet. Hydraulic collapsible cultivator provides conservation in terms of time and fuel. It also provides transport easiness...

  • Soil Preparation Machines - Disk-Harrow

  • Soilmaster - Goble Disk-Harrow

    Soilmaster - Goble Disk-Harrow

    It is moveable by hydrolicsystem and it is very efficient for seed bed operations. Disk-harrows reversible shovels which are desingned for deep penetration on such jobs as follows, seed bed preparation and preventions of wind and water erosions. It can be adjusted according to varies request of user on 20 degree. By using mechanism on the wheel it goes with the soil level. In this way you can adjust the working depth level very efficiently. On the...

  • Fertilizing Equipment

  • Soilmaster - Fertilizer Spreadding Machine

    Soilmaster - Fertilizer Spreadding Machine

    The machine insures the fertilizer ang grains to be distributed equally in both size by means of its good developed design. Upon request, it may be possible to sprinkle in just one direction such as only left or right side. Since the fine sieves is placed dinside of the tang any cloggage of the fertilizer windows is prevented. Its wheeled design insures an easy carriage Optional: Remote control with hydrolic cylinder.

  • Spraying Equipments

  • Soilmaster - Garden Sprayer

    Soilmaster - Garden Sprayer

    These sprayers with 400,500,600 lt tank capacity are mounted to the tractor on three points linkage and operated through the p.t.o shaft of the tractor. There is also trailer mounted version with 1000,1600,2000 lt tank capacity. Clean water tank (trailer models). Tank material is fiber-glass or polyethylene and protected against all pestisides. Self filling system. Pressure regulator. The filtre can be cleaned any time. Hidrolic agitator. Two spray...

  • Mower Equipments

  • Soilmaster - Rotary Mower

    Soilmaster - Rotary Mower

    The implement with the brand Karaova is Rotary Mower and it chops every type of grass herbs or different pasture plant with a high speed. Because the discs are very close to the ground it hightents the productivity. It crops the herbs in such a way that it dries easily and is collected easily. It gets the move from theP.T.O.shaft and makes the chopping by the help of knives turning on the mower.

  • Hay Equipments

  • Soilmaster - Stem Collecting and Straw Machine

    Soilmaster - Stem Collecting and Straw Machine

    Functions of the Stem Collecting and Straw Machine under the brand Soilmaster is collecting and strawing automatically the stem of wheat,barley,oat,rye,soy beans,corn, etc. After harvesting of the grain by combine harvester and which is put to the field as a series or cluster of leaves, these stems are collecting automatically by this machine and transforming them to straw submits on lorries.

  • Interrow Cultivator

  • Soilmaster - Interrow Cultivator with Fertilizer

    Soilmaster - Interrow Cultivator with Fertilizer

    This machine is used to hoe inter rows of plants like cotton, maize, sunflower, peanut, soybean, and to distribute fertilizer and to cover as well. It hoes the soil in certain depth, breaks the covering layer over the soil and softens the dry soil. Besides these it protects field from weeds by means of cutting and scraping blades.

  • Roller

  • Soilmaster - Single Row Land Roller

    Soilmaster - Single Row Land Roller

    It is tied to tractor either with the system of 3-point hook or by pulling It breaks clods into pieces by crushing which the other soil preperation machines are not able to do. It balances the air gaps trapped in the soil by crushing the uncrushed soil before sowing. If it is used after sowing, it prevents seeds to get air by pushing seeds within the soil It breaks the toughening soil emerged after rain without damaging the plant.

  • Levelling Blades

  • Soilmaster - Mechanic Land Leveller Blade

    Soilmaster - Mechanic Land Leveller Blade

    This product used multi aimed in processes: making field way, land levelling, opening ditches and fillings. It has been improved in many respect and it can be ussed in every direction by 360? of working angle.

  • Rear End Loader

  • Soilmaster - Rear End Loader

    Soilmaster - Rear End Loader

    Back-loaded laddie is tied to back hydraulic arms of the tractor with the system of 3-point hook and used to load materials like sand, manure ext. It has a hydraulic lifting and mechanic off loading mechanism. This laddie consists of 4 parts: main chassis, laddie, mechanic off loading mechanism and hydraulic lifting mechanism. Back-loaded laddie has two types: with single piston and with double piston.

  • Hole Digger

  • Soilmaster - Hole Digger

    Soilmaster - Hole Digger

    The brand name Soilmaster hole digger is one of the equipments that has to be found in each agricultural establishment and farm. It is connected to the tractor easily by three point hitch system. You can drill holes for 1000-1500 mm depth and 20-30-45-60 cm diameter quickly and economically. Hole digger is used for three planting columns and etc. In suitable land scapes you can dig 40 holes for 300 diameter in one hour, 30 holes for 450mm diameter and...

  • Ploughs

  • Soilmaster - Reversible Plough

    Soilmaster - Reversible Plough

    Soilmaster reversible plough do us proud of serving farmers by special raw materials profile that provides elasticity fort he reversible ploug as well as heat treatment processed poles as a first and impact resistant mouldboard and knife non-catching mud in European standard. It is very practical to adjust and use of the Reversible Plough which is manufactured in our company. When using the reversible plough it is no need to turn around a furrow...