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  • Model 8ft X 4ft - Stokbord Black 6mm Thick

    Model 8ft X 4ft - Stokbord Black 6mm Thick

    Stokbord is manufactured from 100% recycled agricultural plastic which has been collected from UK farms, and is used in the agricultural industry for applications such as: Cattle Races, Sheeting Gates & Doors, Lining Buildings, Feed Trailer Floors, Grain Stores, Sheep Races & Pens, and Replacing Tin Sheeting.

  • One Gallon Bucket

    One Gallon Bucket

    Solway recycling has produced a one gallon bucket which has been designed specifically for use with all of solway recyclings sheep pens.

  • Model 6 - Ewe Circular Lamb Adopter

    Model 6 - Ewe Circular Lamb Adopter

    Built with 100% recycled agricultural plastic the Solway Circle Lamb Adopter, which holds up to six ewes and lambs in secure, draft free comfort, proved highly cost effective during on farm trials. Feedback from the lamb adopter purchasers continues to be excellent.

  • Solway - Mini Hen Coop

    Solway - Mini Hen Coop

    This small plastic chicken house is on sale today at the great price of £169.99 Inclusive of VAT and delivery to any UK mainland location. The Solway mini hen coop has been designed for keeping chickens at home lightweight solway mini hen coop can be moved easily to suit you and your chickens. An ideal starter home for chicks also suitable for larger birds and will accommodate up to 4 hens without any problem.