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  • Agitators

  • Pit Agitators

    Pit Agitators

    Screw propellers, efficient like no other and stable in the stream. required length to accomodate any pit. straight drive or reversable gearbox model. the hydraulic cylinders give stable control. optional tipping cylinders for pumpholes

  • Beast - Model II - Lagoon Agotatpr

    Beast - Model II - Lagoon Agotatpr

    The Lagoon Beast II is built and designed for the rugged use in the North American Farming Industry It is designed for the needs of all livestock manure management systems The Lagoon Beast II has enough power to circulate bedding sand off the bottom of your lagoon There are no other agitators built that compare in size or performance.

  • Raceway manure Agitator

    Raceway manure Agitator

    Available in single straight drive or, reversable gearbox models . 3 point hitch makes it easy and quick to hitch to tractor .  Twin arm endbox gives maximum clearence for heavy manure to flow through propeller .  Split frame makes entry into pump hole convenient and fast (90 seconds or less)

  • Raceway Manure Collector Pit Agitator

    Raceway Manure Collector Pit Agitator

    Over the wall from 500ft transferline. No water added. Low horsepower per capacity. 3200 GPM through 500ft transferline. Out of the pit in a minute. 200 hp gearbox, 5 barns. 10 alleyscrapers 600,000 gallon collector pit. Monthly 2 1/2 hr transfer to storage

  • Pumps

  • Sealed Driveline Pumps

    Sealed Driveline Pumps

    Sealed Driveline built for handling sand laden manure . Proven durability up to 5 years . Pump frame is stainless steel . Spring loaded mechanical seal . Hardend critical parts

  • Silage Packer

  • Silage Packer

    Silage Packer

    Driving will compress the air out and pack down the crop. It is an incessant process of direct point pressure which causes a highly dense and level result. The Spanjer Impact Silage Packer, packs down firmly, with variable weight according to your tractor and type of crop. The raking action of the rims does a complete job on the suface, resulting in less air under the tarp...