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  • Model L4000G4 - Fertilizer and Lime Spreader

    Model L4000G4 - Fertilizer and Lime Spreader

    The New Leader L4000G4 is a culmination of the best of the best! The new design is a combination of the L3020G4, L3030G4, L3020XP, MultApplier Ready and L3220G4 MultApplier all rolled into one. Modular hydraulic packages for either the L3020, an XP or a MultApplier, a choice of conveyors, plus the ability to add a second, third or fourth bin at any time all in one spreader with it's standard bolt-in rear end gate. This will lower productions costs and...

  • Stahly - Model L7020 - Environmental Broadcast Spreader

    Stahly - Model L7020 - Environmental Broadcast Spreader

    The 7020 environmental spreader can spread materials over 100 feet, resulting in effective swath widths up to 65 feet that dramatically reduce compaction and allow the operator to cover more ground in less time. The 7020 broadcasts feedlot manure, waste water, industrial waste, paper mill waste, ag lime, compost, marl, and poultry litter with a low trajectory and consistent spread pattern. Available with manual hydraulics or the in-cab DGPS-ready SP.6...

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  • Model GPS 1500 and GPS 2500 - Antenna and Receiver Systems.

    Model GPS 1500 and GPS 2500 - Antenna and Receiver Systems.

    The GPS 1500 and GPS 2500 are both all-in-one antenna/receiver systems. These compact, low-profile units feature fixed or magnetic mounting options and offer an affordable solution for sub-meter accuracy with fast startup and reacquisition times. The GPS 2500 features a dual frequency receiver making it ideal for operations that require a high level of accuracy in the field.

  • CAN - Model L160 - Lightbar

    CAN - Model L160 - Lightbar

    A companion guidance accessory to Ag Leader displays, the compact design of the L160 Lightbar makes it the ideal guidance tool for dash or windshield mounting.

  • Versa - Yield Monitoring System

    Versa - Yield Monitoring System

    The Versa display with an 8.4-inch touchscreen is ideal for the grower looking for a single display that can handle the most common planting, application and harvest operations. Its flexibility also makes it a smart investment as a second display. And, because it is built on the industry-leading Ag Leader® Integra display technology, it can manage both field data collection and implement control duties, no matter the color of the equipment.