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  • Bale Feeders

  • Silage Feeders

  • Silage Feed Bunks

    Silage Feed Bunks

    Comes in 24' length x 42” wide. All 2 7/8” OD heavy pipe. Comes with center rail. Ideal for feeding silage out in the pasture, or filling bunk with hay from bale processors!

  • Feeder Fence Panels

    Feeder Fence Panels

    5’ high and comes with bumper bar. Sheet metal bottom. 20’ and 24’ lengths. Ideal if you are using concrete bunks.

  • Fence Line Feed Bunks

    Fence Line Feed Bunks

    Comes in 20' and 24' length. 5’ high front. 2 7/8” outside frame. 12 GA steel bunk. Bumper bar. Extra ends available. Ideal for feeding in feedlot operations. No more changing cable heights! All self adjusting. Also works great for feeding bulls, cows or background cattle because of self-adjusting bumper bar.

  • Tubs


    The Stampede Steel Double Pivot Gate Crowding Tub will handle any workload! This heavy duty design is guaranteed to stand up to the test. The unique double pivot gate system virtually eliminates all corners. The main pivot gate swings to push the secondary gate around, creating a straight section with an additional 11' of alleyway on the 20' diameter tub. This prevents cattle from turning around and provides access for top dressing from tub side....

  • Challenger


    The Challenger STM is an economical, heavy duty feedlot squeeze that is equipped with hydraulic head and rear gates and optional neck restrainer. The manual squeeze action provides for ease of use and smooth operations. These systems can be tailored for the specific requirements of each application, providing ease of installation and precision function that will be enjoyed for years to come.