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  • Squeezes

  • Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze

    Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze

    The Stampede Steel hydraulic cattle squeeze is designed for the large cow/calf or feedlot operator. This squeeze comes equipped with a rubber-cushioned head gate to reduce shoulder bruising, as well as our state-of-the-art bifold action head gate. The head catch is completely parallel from top to bottom, virtually eliminating choking hazards.  This chute is equipped with 6 neck injection access sites and the option for neck...

  • Manual Squeeze Chute

    Manual Squeeze Chute

    Introducing the heaviest and quietest manual squeeze chute onthe market!  The head gate is controlled from the rear of the chute, placing the operator in the animal's comfort zone for catch and release operations. This innovative concept permits one person operation without inhibiting the flow of  cattle into the working area. The  Stampede Steel neck extenders permit...

  • Model 2K - Self Catch Squeeze

    Model 2K - Self Catch Squeeze

    The 2K Self Catch comes standard with 2 easy access neck injection doors and an inline bifold door for advanced noise reduction- the heaviest constructed tail gate on the market! All of our squeezes have a parallel axis body with a range of motion from 9' to 32”, accommodating any size animal.

  • Feeders - Bale Feeders

  • Feeders - Silage Feeders

  • Silage Feed Bunks

    Silage Feed Bunks

    Comes in 24' length x 42” wide. All 2 7/8” OD heavy pipe. Comes with center rail. Ideal for feeding silage out in the pasture, or filling bunk with hay from bale processors!

  • Feeder Fence Panels

    Feeder Fence Panels

    5’ high and comes with bumper bar. Sheet metal bottom. 20’ and 24’ lengths. Ideal if you are using concrete bunks.

  • Fence Line Feed Bunks

    Fence Line Feed Bunks

    Comes in 20' and 24' length. 5’ high front. 2 7/8” outside frame. 12 GA steel bunk. Bumper bar. Extra ends available. Ideal for feeding in feedlot operations. No more changing cable heights! All self adjusting. Also works great for feeding bulls, cows or background cattle because of self-adjusting bumper bar.

  • Loading Chutes

  • Model 5500 - Loading Chutes

    Model 5500 - Loading Chutes

    Stampede Steel’s loading chutes are heavy duty construction and come in 17’ lengths.. Material 14 GA HR or 11 GA HR sheet. Self adjusting bumper.

  • Alleys

  • Straight Alleys

    Straight Alleys

    The new Stampede Steel 17' Straight Alley is an economical alternative for cattle producers. With universal left or right hand operation, this alley provides optimal manouverability with its solid one-piece skid system.