Starcom Computer Corp.

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  • Plant Partner Enterprise Software System

    Plant Partner Enterprise Software System

    Starcom uses our Plant Partner Enterprise software system to help organize and integrate your operation into a smooth work flow. We understand your goals and workload from Production through Inventory, Sales, Shipping and Accounting and have engineered the most powerful tool to automate daily tasks in every department. Good decisions require good information and Plant Partner pulls it all together to help your organization respond rapidly to changes...

  • Acumatica - Complete Operations and Financial Management Software

    Acumatica - Complete Operations and Financial Management Software

    Acumatica is the modern, robust, web-based financial and business management system that small and mid-size companies have been waiting for!  It combines all the features you need to manage your financial operations in an easy to use web interface with flexible reporting and customization options – all at an affordable price point.

  • Color Designed  Annuals Software

    Color Designed Annuals Software

    Whether you service big box stores or independents, producing large volume with a keen eye on margins is the key to success.  Plant Partner provides automation tools to scale up your information management without overwhelming your staff. Plant Partner has all the production, sales, inventory and account management functions to successfully engage with all the large box stores.

  • Nursery Containers Designed Software

    Nursery Containers Designed Software

    Managing lots of varieties, lots of space and long term growth cycles to make the most of your opportunities is the key to success.  Plant Partner can provide the production and inventory control you need and automate the pulling process.

  • Young Plants Designed Software

    Young Plants Designed Software

    Keeping pace with changing orders, precise inventory control and accurate order fulfillment is the key to success.  Whether you produce cuttings or plugs, Plant Partner connects you to broker ordering and manages the details to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Indoor Plants Designed Software

    Indoor Plants Designed Software

    Maximizing space during your year round production, inventory and holiday sales is key to making your indoor flowering operation successful.  Plant Partner provides all the tools you need to schedule production, track ready inventory and manage complex holiday orders.