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  • Electric Tractors

  • Spijkstaal - Model 303 - Electric Tractor

    Spijkstaal - Model 303 - Electric Tractor

    The Spijkstaal 303 is a compact 3-wheel electric tow tractor with a towing power of up to 3,000 kg. You have variable driving behaviour and full towing power at every speed because of the AC control.

  • Trailers

  • Gookar - Open Trailers

    Gookar - Open Trailers

    Gookar also builds large open trailers. All types of open trailers can be supplied based on your preferences. Suitable for transporting an engine or excavator. The correct trailer can be supplied for every goal.

Products by Mechanical Botanical Ltd

  • Willburg - Label Applicator

    Willburg - Label Applicator

    The Willburg standard Apply system with its unique beak and roller apply unit, suits the majority of labels on a linear roll. Its variable speed enables you to match the input speed to the label apply speed for great results. A simple medium with great flexibility for round or square pots and trays, this unit is a stand-alone system with full adjustment stand.

  • Mayer - Model 1010F LT T16 - Potting Machine

    Mayer - Model 1010F LT T16 - Potting Machine

    The Mayer range of potting machines is well established within the British horticultural industry and offers machines to pot from 7cm to 15 litre pots. The machines are designed and constructed at the Mayer factory with state-of-the-art equipment, to CE specification and to give many years reliable service. Mayer potting machines offer high performance with quality filling of round or square pots of all sizes. All the potting machines have central pot...

  • Mayer - Mixer

    Mayer - Mixer

    One of the well-established machines from their range - offers great flexibility, good design and quality mixing; keeping the structure of the compost is one of the main aims of the machine’s design. Loading from a low level and discharging at a high level by means of an elevator makes this machine an ideal partner to all makes of potting machine and tray filler, or even hand potting benches. Loading the hopper is open to choice: it is feasible...

  • Mayer - Trayfiller

    Mayer - Trayfiller

    The Mayer ‘Perfection’ Trayfiller is built by an established company with a reputation for supplying high-quality horticultural machinery. It is the latest in their range of filling machines, and comes with all the features you would expect from a Mayer machine. The Trayfiller boasts variable speed elevator, conveyor and vibrator, offering the professional grower flexibility for filling all types of trays, from a small cell tray (e.g....

  • Mayer - Model 2105 - Potting / Tray Filling Machine

    Mayer - Model 2105 - Potting / Tray Filling Machine

    The new Mayer 2105 (replacing the Mypal Penny) is designed for the smaller grower, it is an opportunity to acquire well proven engineering at an economical price. The 2105 comes fitted with pot dispenser and auto take-off as standard. All you need to add is a conveyor of the appropriate length to suit your needs. The 2105 offers great value for money, great design, proven ergonomic layout; saving labour and increasing potting quality for years to...

Products by Mosa Green S.r.l.

  • Mosa - Model TO55 - Needle Seeding Machine

    Mosa - Model TO55 - Needle Seeding Machine

    The Mosa TO55 Needle Seeder seeds directly into the tray without drop tubes, giving no seed bounce and therefore accurate seeding - the tray has previously been dibbed by the TO55 before the seeds are placed into position. The seeder comes with 8 needle choices to give you the options you need when dealing with variations in seed. Constant seeding is offered with the conveyor input: no stopping or removing of trays is necessary with this in-line...