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  • Steinlite - Model SB 900 - Grain Moisture Tester

    Steinlite - Model SB 900 - Grain Moisture Tester

    Fred Stein, known as the father of the industry, invented the original grain moisture tester in 1931. The basic technology devised by Mr. Stein over seventy years ago is still used in dielectric testers manufactured and distributed in the world today. Steinlite was the first grain moisture tester and after supplying tens of thousands of machines to users in all fifty states and nearly one hundred foreign countries, the company continues to lead the...

  • Steinlite - Stein Mill

    Steinlite - Stein Mill

    1/2 horsepower motor - approximately 15,000 RPM no load. Carbide tipped blades available for long life and an edge that stays sharp longer than conventional blades. Cast aluminum cup easily removed for cleanup. Electric timer controls grind time up to 15 minutes. Safety switch prevents operation with cup removed