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  • KOMPAKT - Model S - Tractors

    KOMPAKT - Model S - Tractors

    Just like the legendary classics, the type 80, 84, 86 and the Steyr Plus series, which were once found on almost every farm, the Steyr Kompakt S was developed together with our customers. The Kompakt S features excellent manoeuvrability, best-in-class visibility and optimum handling. It’s economical, light and manoeuvrable like a small tractor, yet at the same time is as spacious, reliable and powerful as a bigger machine, making it the ideal...

  • Kompakt - The Compact All-Rounder Tractors

    Kompakt - The Compact All-Rounder Tractors

    The new Kompakt from Steyr revolutionises the cost/benefit calculation. It is light, manoeuvrable and flexible: equipped with the proven technology of big tractors, the Kompakt is the ideal tool for virtually every application. Engines between 86 and 107 hp and an excellent power-to-weight ratio guarantee optimum efficiency on grassland tasks. Thanks to the tractors‘ unique manoeuvrability, the Kompakt class is also the optimum tool for front...

  • Model Multi Ecotech Series - Tractors

    Model Multi Ecotech Series - Tractors

    The new Multi ecotech series meets exactly the specifications that mixed farming operations expect from an all-purpose tractor. Developed and manufactured in St. Valentin, Austria, the new Multi is characterised by an extremely broad application spectrum. With powerful torque, economical engines, optimised transmission ratios and a low centre of gravity, the Multi ecotech is built to impress. It guarantees uninterrupted operation in shuttle mode,...

  • Profi Classic - Model Ecotech Series - Tractors

    Profi Classic - Model Ecotech Series - Tractors

    Efficiency and versatility are supplied as standard with these tractors. The Profi Classic ecotech series offers impressive technology and a very wide range of application possibilities, while the Steyr SK3 cab with its low roof, ergonomically placed controls and excellent visibility ensures that you complete every kind of task at any time of year successfully and productively.

  • Steyr Profi - Model Ecotech Series - Tractors

    Steyr Profi - Model Ecotech Series - Tractors

    The Steyr Profi ecotech series is characterised by the very latest technology providing the highest level of cost-effective operation. A versatile high performance tractor that combines a perfect working environment with the latest control systems, the Profi models provide maximum productivity to earn you the highest possible profits. All Steyr Profi ecotech models are now are equipped with the latest generation of Multicontroller, while the joystick...