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  • Stinger Stacker - Model 6500 - Self-Propelled Bale Wagon

    Stinger Stacker - Model 6500 - Self-Propelled Bale Wagon

    The Stinger Stacker will handle 8 bales at a time with 4x4's and up to 12 bales at a time when handling 3x3 or 3x4 bales. Bales can be stacked on edge, on the twines, or a combination of the two. All Stinger models load with a tilting action that allows non-stop pickup at 5 to 7 miles per hour. This tilting action will not scuff the ground, pile sand, or push out alfalfa like competitive machines.

  • Stinger - Model 5500 - Slide-Off Bale Wagon

    Stinger - Model 5500 - Slide-Off Bale Wagon

    The Stinger Model 5500 combines the simplicity of our Model 1500 slide-off unit with our CCC LE Hay loader chassis. the chassis options of our Model 6500 Stackers are included with the 5500.

  • Stinger - Spears

    Stinger - Spears

    If you need spears for your Stinger, Front End Loader, or other machine. Stinger has a wide selection of quality heavy duty spears. They are heat treated, square continuous tapered on the usable length and round tapered (Conus I and II) on the mounting end.

  • Stinger - Model ALSS - Big Square Bales

    Stinger - Model ALSS - Big Square Bales

    The Stinger ALSS has front and rear bulkheads, clamping the load of the bales which are stacked perpendicular to the trailer, while most loads of bales are hauled and have been tested with the bales loaded parallel to the trailer. These two features do not allow the bales to split and even on the least secured bale, requires a force 4 x the bale weight to make it start to come off the trailer.

  • Stinger - Biomass Stacking

    Stinger - Biomass Stacking

    Stinger has been at the forefront of the biomass and crop residue industry since its beginning. Stingers have stacked and roadsided millions of bales of biomass feedstock from coast to coast in the united states and beyond. From the rice fields of the sacramento valley, to the kenaf fields of north carolina,, and all across america's bread basket to canada and beyond the north american border. stingers have beeN tested and field proven in hauling and...