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  • Brass Adaptors

  • Model 2000 Series - Mini Adaptor

    Model 2000 Series - Mini Adaptor

    2000 Mini Adaptor is designed specifically for tight-fitting installations such as curbs, walls, and close manifolds; designed to fit existing Superior, Champion, Lawnlife, Orbit, and Aqualine brass manual valves.

  • Drip Adaptors

  • Model 850-DIGB Series - Drip Adaptors

    Model 850-DIGB Series - Drip Adaptors

    850DIGB is designed to operate efficiently where the following conditions exist: low pressure, low flow, and excessive back pressure. Available Sizes: 3/4' and 1'.

  • In-Line Valves - Brass Reverse-Flow Valves

  • Angle Valves - Manual Angle Valves

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  • Nursery Pot-in-Pot Irrigation System

    Nursery Pot-in-Pot Irrigation System

    ML Irrigation is one ol the pioneers of pot-in-pot irrigation. We constantly test equipment from around the world looking lor new and better designs and products. We have designed large and small systems for production and sales under varying climatic and drainage conditions.