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  • Automatic Scraper Systems

  • Hydraulic Scraper Systems

    Hydraulic Scraper Systems

    The Storth Hydraulic Scraper System has been developed with a number of unique options not found on any other hydraulic scraper systems on the market. Our Hydraulic Scraper System provides you with a high quality system that requires minimal maintenance with a long life cycle. Using over 30 years of experience with automatic Scraper Systems we deliver the design, installation and service that is needed to suit your...

  • Pro-Rope Scraper Systems

    Pro-Rope Scraper Systems

    The key feature of the Storth system is our selection, after many years of research, of the very best rope. Through many years of research, Storth has developed a rope system which is unrivalled by any competitor due to using the right Rope. The Pro Rope is described as “the world’s strongest fibre”, which is used in many industries including Military and Off Shore Drilling Rigs. This gives the...

  • Slurry Storage

  • Tension Covers for Slurry Storage Systems

    Tension Covers for Slurry Storage Systems

    Tank covers are becoming increasingly popular with farmers wanting to protect valuable slurry storage being taken up by rainfall. Storth can supply tension covers which can be fitted to new and existing tanks. These Tension covers are made from Polyester woven fabric with a PVC covering to protect against slurry and UV Light. Tension Covers are fixed to the Slurry tank by heavy duty ratchet straps being fixed to the wind band an oak centre pole...

  • Above Ground Tanks

    Above Ground Tanks

    As the need for Slurry Storage is increasing due to government legislations, value of slurry being put on the land at optimum time and other outside factors, Storth offer an Above Ground storage option being a Slurry Storage Tank. This provides the flexibility of extending the tank at a later date and the security of a 45 year proven design life.

  • Slurry Mixers

  • Mega Mix - Lagoon Mega Mix Range

    Mega Mix - Lagoon Mega Mix Range

    The Mega Mix Range has been designed to cater for the insreasing demand for mixing larger lagoons which have arisen due to legislation changes and the increased demand importance placed on slurry being used on the land at the optimum time. The Mega Mix uses an auger to draw in the slurry and re-circulate it through the 5” jetter nozzle which provides a large volume of slurry allowing great agitation of the lagoon as the jetter has a 300 degree...

  • Ultimate Propeller Mixer

    Ultimate Propeller Mixer

    The Storth Contractor Mixer is the ultimate auger mixer designed to provide intensive propeller mixing  and chopping action for the contractor or larger farmer. Depth control of this machine is operated from the tractor seat by two hydraulic rams. Fully galvanised heavy duty box section chassis gives this machine unrivalled strength and life expectancy.