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  • SBE - Greenscapes

    SBE - Greenscapes

    Heavy tubular frame construction. All ground driven, no PTO shaft or gearbox to maintain. Precise seed metering cups with individual clean out gates. Perfect Pattern across full width of working area – no row effect as with PTO driven, knife type machines or sod drills. Rear cultipacker rings to firm and smooth seedbed. Water tight seedbox with agitator shaft – calibration chart and seeding rate charts. Driven spiked rollers crumble soil...

  • Sweet Potato Plow

  • Yield Max Gen. II Short Bed Digger

    Yield Max Gen. II Short Bed Digger

    The Yield Max Gen. II Short Digger is the ultimate machine for the harvesting of sweet potatoes and other root crops. Gentle crop handling is the result of careful design and engineering. Adjustable shakers, variable speed hydraulic driven chains, and very short end drop are but a few of its features. This machines leaves nothing in the ground, but leaves your crop gently place on top of the ground for harvesting.

  • Vac-Master 600

    Vac-Master 600

    This machine is the ultimate tool for grooming and maintaining plant height. The special designed housing creates a strong vacuum that lifts plants upward before cutting. Blow-down or twisting plant tops, common problems with other mowers, are completely eliminated with this mower. All plant debris is caught in a collection system; no residue falls back on the plants, thereby reducing disease problems. The collection system dumps hydraulically from...

  • Sweet Potato Packing Line

    Sweet Potato Packing Line

    Dump tank with water recirculation system, Eliminator with cull conveyor, Brushwasher, Pickout table with cull conveyor, Kerian Sizer, Delivery table, Intralox conveyor, Custom built to fit your needs, Many other options available as well.

  • Plant Master M-600

    Plant Master M-600

    This machine was designed to provide sweet potato growers an economical means to cut potato plants from the plant beds with a minimum amount of labor. This machine is a real labor saver and should not be overlooked by the commercial sweet potato grower.