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  • Ditching Buckets

    Ditching Buckets

    These can be supplied for machines from 0.75 tonne to 85 tonne operating weight. Qualitough bolt on reversible wear blades are offered as an option for abrasive conditions.

  • Buckets

  • Big Buckets

    Big Buckets

    These buckets can be supplied for up to 120 tonne machines. Working in demolition, quarrying and mining applications.Our experiences sales team can create exactly the right specification of bucket to suit the job. Qualitough teeth are fitted as standard fit, though other wear parts packages can be fitted if required

  • Ripper Buckets

    Ripper Buckets

    Custom built for extreme trenching applications.Heavy duty 400 Brinell cutting edge with protruding centre tooth for maximum penetration into hard material. Heavy duty central spine for extra strength.

  • Grapples

  • General Purpose Grapples

    General Purpose Grapples

    These grapples are ideal for handling timber and waste and can be used for light demolition work. They are available for 1-25 tonne machines and can be produced in a variety of different solid tyne configurations. The grapples can be used direct mount or with a quick coupler, and are supplied complete with brace arm and 3 position pad.   The most common 3+2 tyne grapples are stocked for popular 13-21 tonne machines.