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  • Hogs

    High quality, maintenance friendly, and extra heavy duty fabrication are the major features built into our line of wastewood and bark hogs.  We have a large range of sizes to fit your production and volume needs.

  • Large Frame Hog

    Large Frame Hog

    Our hammer styles range from swing style - fixed style - replaceable tips.  Our rotor sizes vary in diameter from 32' to 40' and vary by length from 22' to 54'.  Our oversize bearings and large shafts allow a range in motor horsepower 75 hp to 600 hp.  Whatever your needs, we can provide you with one of our hogs to get the job done.

  • Small Frame Hog

    Small Frame Hog

    Just like their larger counterparts, the small frame hogs contain the high standards that are built into all of our equipment. A small selection of applications is listed below. Sizes range from 12' to 30' in length with a standard width opening of 18'.

  • Other Products

  • Bark-King - Debarker

    Bark-King - Debarker

    Stringer Industries became the owner and manufacturer of the Bark-King Debarker line in 2011.  Bark-King is the longest lasting debarker head on the market today.