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  • Stroberg - Multiple Duty Portable Livestock Corral

    Stroberg - Multiple Duty Portable Livestock Corral

    A self-supporting structure constructed from an extremely strong, quality steel. The panels are easily used on all types of terrain including uneven ground—leaving a minimum gap between the panels. Also, the unique construction of Stroberg panels keep cows and calves from trying to go underneath. The panels are completely welded around the horizontal bars and joints. Extra time taken in welding workmanship insures added strength. The corral is...

  • Stroberg - Sheep Corral

    Stroberg - Sheep Corral

    The Sheep Corral will hold up to 1500 ewes or 1000 ewes with lambs. The corral consists of 13' tandem chute, 39 pipe panels, 12 solid panels, 2 dodge gates, and three adjustable alley frames. All panels are 12' in length and 40' in height.

  • Hex Hay Feeder

    Hex Hay Feeder

    Stroberg Hex Hay Feeder for sheep or calves. The floor is 6' up so can be used for grain feeding. It comes in 2 sections and has 14 openings. Unique design makes it easily moved to different locations.

  • Big Bale Feeder

    Big Bale Feeder

    Built for service—the Stroberg Big Bale Feeder can be used for calves and sheep. The feeder is built for years of service using round and square tubing. The feeder is 8' square and comes in 4 sections. Two sides slide in so animals can eat the entire bale. One person can assemble it or move it in a few minutes.

  • Feeder Panels

    Feeder Panels

    Feed costs are reduced when you use Stroberg Slant Bar Feeder Panels—they reduce time and labor as well. Stroberg Panels are strong enough to withstand the punishment of the heaviest animal. In addition to being used as feeder pens, these strong, sturdy panels can be used as fence line feeders, portable corral, catch pen or gate. Feeder panels are easily returned to a rectangle, ready for a new stack, round bales or large square bales of...

  • Farm Gates

    Farm Gates

    The time required to open and close poor, rickety gates can be used more profitably elsewhere. Constructed of superior steel and precision welded in standard Stroberg style, Stroberg Gates will last a lifetime and make your work handling livestock go faster, easier and safer. Stroberg Hinges with threaded and adjustable hanging pins make a Stroberg Gate easy to hang and easy to keep balanced and free swinging.

  • Calving Pen

    Calving Pen

    The Stroberg Calving Pen is a very important piece of equipment at calving time. Its use as a pen is not limited to calving—it works great to restrain for other purposes.