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  • Cultivation

  • Trio - Mounted Cultivators

    Trio - Mounted Cultivators

    The Mounted Trio has gained the reputation as the UK’s number 1 one-pass stubble cultivator. As the name suggests, the Trio comprises of three parts, each of these finely tuned to create a seedbed from stubble in one pass, an objective achieved by the vast majority of users.

  • Trio - Trailed Cultivators

    Trio - Trailed Cultivators

    One-pass seed bed preparation. The Trio alleviates sub-surface compaction and mixes stubble and soil, leaving a level surface ready for seeding.

  • Quatro - Cultivators

    Quatro - Cultivators

    Innovative concepts, unparalleled build quality and versatility – all are key features of the all-British designed and built Sumo Quatro, a class leading, one-pass, minimum tillage cultivator that incorporates many original ideas such as a level drawbar, twin-mounted discs, auto-retractable legs and the patented Multipacka.

  • Drills & Seeding

  • Deep Tillage Seeder (DTS )

    Deep Tillage Seeder (DTS )

    The DTS is specifically designed to enable farmers and contractors to exploit the advantages of strip-tillage, but with the versatility to be equally effective in plough-based and minimal tillage systems.

  • Toolbar Systems

    Toolbar Systems

    The Sumo DTS Toolbar systems have been developed to provide the user with a flexible solution to their crop establishment needs.