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  • Mounted Trio

    Mounted Trio

    The Sumo Trio is a unique machine designed and manufactured in Britain, comprising, as its name suggests, of three parts each of these tuned to comprehensively create a seedbed in one pass.

  • Trailed Folding Trio

    Trailed Folding Trio

    The Trailed Folding Trio models offer a working width of 3.5m up to 6.6m with either 7, 9, 11 or 13 subsoiler legs.

  • Sumo - Seeder

    Sumo - Seeder

    Over the last ten years, Trio seeding OSR has become the norm rather than the exception on many UK farms. This has resulted in a large percentage of the UK's OSR being established in one pass, saving both time and money, along with the added bonus of moisture retention and more often than not a welcome yield benefit.Fitted to a Trio the Sumoseeder enables one-pass establishment of OSR directly into stubble, greatly reducing the cost of production...