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  • Dairy Automation Systems

    Modern ventilation and environmental management vary from very simple to very sophisticated automated systems. Sun-North manufactures Shepherd electronic controls and power drives ranging from complete natural ventilation to dual ventilation (using both natural and fan power).

  • Sun-North Curtain Systems

    For over 25 years, Sun-North has been manufacturing the complete line of Comfort Control Curtain Systems. These all-weather fabric curtains can become a moveable sidewall for dairy barns with 50 to 5000 cows. Since all Comfort Control curtains and hardware are made in house, we can offer faster delivery, greater versatility in design and a guarantee of higher quality since it is Canadian fabric and Canadian made. Sun-North stocks an infinite variety of weather resistant fabrics in different

  • Sun-North - Linear Actuators

    Sun-North - Linear Actuators

    Sun-North manufactures two different sizes of linear actuators, a medium duty (BX) with 1500 lbs of lift and a heavy duty (BXX) with 2500 lbs of lift. The sizes range from 15” to 76” of travel meaning the largest actuator lifts a panel or curtain that covers a 76”or 1.95 m opening.

  • Model Roll-Over Type - Curtain System

    Model Roll-Over Type - Curtain System

    Roll-Over type curtain systems can be described as poly curtains that cover the sidewall ventilation openings on a livestock housing building when closed. When ventilation air is needed for temperature control & fresh air supply, the curtain can be opened from the top downwards to provide some, or more, opening as needed to let air into & through the building.

  • Parlour Curtains System

    Parlour Curtains System

    Our interior Parlour curtains provide an affordable divider between sections of the building such as the parlour and holding area. The curtains are easy to operate, maintain and they will provide windbreak in turn saving you heating costs in the winter. They store up and out of the way during times of non-use.

  • Dairy Exhaust Systems

    Sun-North’s main target is to achieve maximum comfort and energy efficiency in all agricultural facilities. Each dairy facility is uniquely different because of its geographical location. Therefore each dairy barn needs a tailored ventilation system to suit all of the weather and temperature variables unique to that dairy's geographical location. Meeting these variables does not necessarily mean an increase in cost or a complicated system.

  • Fresh Air Makeup System

    Fresh Air Makeup System

    Providing fresh air makeup is crucial for a healthy environment for young stock. This is often an ambiguous task in calf barns as drafts can be equally problematic for the health of the calves. An effective solution is to introduce sufficient fresh air from outside using a poly tube with small holes distributed appropriately along the length and around the circumference of the tube which is inflated by a fan. This will jet the air in many locations...

  • Cross Flow Ventilation

    Cross Flow Ventilation

    In regions of the world with extreme heat and low electrical costs, dairy facilities are increasingly becoming wider. These wide facilities use panel/curtain openings on one side and blocks of fans along the opposing side. The panels can be mounted either internally or externally.

  • Dairy Panels

    Livestock productivity and profitability is directly linked to the quality of ventilation within your building. In order to ventilate, you have to insulate. The poorer the insulation within the confinement of a building, the greater the moisture build up and the less productive your livestock will be. Your goal is profitability and it is imperative to reduce moisture and moderate temperature sw

  • Nova-Lite - Panels

    Nova-Lite - Panels

    When only the best, most attractive and durable ventilations and natural light panel will do, then Nova-Lite is your number one choice. Nova-Lite's perimeter is a welded frame that is 2' wide by 1-1/4' aluminum extrusion specifically designed for Sun-North with the mullions or vertical members at approximately 3' on centre. Into this outter frame are several choices of glass. Double walled polycarbonate glass has 99% light penetration and is virtually...

  • Dairy Curtains

    For over 25 years, Sun-North has been manufacturing the complete line of Summit Curtain Systems. These all-weather fabric curtains can become a moveable sidewall for dairy barns with 50 to 5000 cows. Since allSummit curtains and hardware are made in house, we can offer faster delivery, greater versatility in design and a guarantee of higher quality since it is Cana

  • Roll-Over Curtain System

    Roll-Over Curtain System

    When a high sidewall curtain is the answer, then the Roll-Over curtain system is the solution. As the curtain is lowered from the top, the curtain is kept taught by wrapping the excess curtain around the permanently mounted bottom rolling tube. This system reduces the dirt and moisture build up associated with a drop down curtain, wind noise is decreased and the haven for rodents is eliminated. The curtain rolls with an easy smooth motion and your...

  • Dairy Housing

  • Free Stall Barns

    Free Stall Barns

    Free stall barns are typically split into a separate dry cow barn and the main barn containing the milking herd. The milking herd moves freely from their resting pak along concrete alleys that are scraped or flushed (to remove manure) to the feed bunks. The milking cow is usually tagged to automatically identify her for feed rations and milk productivity. Cows eat freely from the feed bunks which contains a total mix ration (TMR). The herd will be...

  • Tie Stall Barns

    Tie Stall Barns

    Tie Stall barns are still preferred in many areas since it lends itself to more direct contact with each animal, better health care and less aggression between animals. Modern automation with pipeline milking, automatic takeoffs, scrapers and stable cleaners and automatic ration distribution mean labour can be reduced.

  • Heifer Dry Cow Barn

    Heifer Dry Cow Barn

    Dry cows (non milking cows) and heifers that don’t need the same feed rations and attention are normally housed in a separate building. Ventilation requirements are similar to the main dairy barn. A bedding pak without free stalls is an option. Lots of natural light, low humidity and abundant fresh air is a must for maintaining good health.

  • Calf Housing Barn

    Calf Housing Barn

    Calf care is vital to long term herd improvement. To prevent scours and respiratory problems, many dairymen separate the calves one to three days after birth and place them outside in individual calf hutches. Calf hutches can be labour intensive and uncomfortable due to weather.