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  • JAGUAR - Forage Harvesters

    JAGUAR - Forage Harvesters

    CLAAS offers the most efficient range of forage harvesters, the JAGUAR 900 Series ranging from 429 to 830 horsepower and the JAGUAR Green Eye, ranging from 345 to 623 horsepower. The versatile header offer completes this range to be the most successful, yet versatile, range of forage harvesters.

  • Champion - Rotary Headers

    Champion - Rotary Headers

    KEMPER rotary crop headers offer uncompromising clear cut across the full working width and the safe crop guidance means that all plants are only cut once. There will be no double cut. This proven technology for over more than 20 years allows the universal use e.g. in broadcast sown crops, dual rows and rows with different widths with different crops such as sorghum, sunflower, rape seed, whole crop silage and elephant grass.