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  • Meri Crushers

  • MeriPeatEq - Bog Clearing Machinery

  • Meripeateq - Model OJ - Screw Ditchers

    Meripeateq - Model OJ - Screw Ditchers

    Screw ditchers for both new and old ditches. The screw dither effectually cuts any trees, roots or stumps in the bog, and ditching can be carried out even during ground frost. Ditch formation is clean and of maximum depth in one pass. Peat is thrown a long distance away on each side of the ditch, and distributed evenly on the strip.

  • Meripeateq - Model MJK - Soil Preparing  Miller

    Meripeateq - Model MJK - Soil Preparing Miller

    An efficient miller for cutting through stumps and surface land on peatlands. Preparing miller has been designed for the preliminary reconditioning of peat production areas and for annual basic reconditioning. The rotor, equipped with knife cutters, efficiently cuts through any growth of trees or stumps in the bog. This preparing miller is also suitable for clearing arable land on peatlands.

  • Meripeateq - Screw Levellers

    Meripeateq - Screw Levellers

    Efficient machines for shaping strips and spreading ditch borders. Screw levellers have been designed for use on peatiand. They shape the strips properly so that rainwater runs into the ditches, allowing for successful production. Screw levellers are available in the form of a pull device or a lift device.

  • MeriPeatEq - Sod Peat Production

  • Meripeateq - Sod Peat Cutters

    Meripeateq - Sod Peat Cutters

    The functional and reliable disc type machines work in nearly all conditions. The press unit selection has a suitable alternative for everyone.