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  • Storage Products

  • Hopper Bins

    Hopper Bins

    You’ll be able to unload your grain quickly and easily with the Superior Hopper Bin. The sidewall sheet gauges are enhanced to accommodate the additional pressure from hopper unloading. All Superior Hopper Bins come standard with ground control remote openers. The galvanized Superior Hopper Bottom Cone features a bolted design that provides easy transport and assembly. Unstiffened hopper bins are available in 15- to 27-foot diameters up to six...

  • Farm Bins

    Farm Bins

    With increased harvest capacities and fluctuating grain prices, on-farm storage allows you the ability to store your grain until the time is just right to sell.  With Superior’s high-quality construction and the strongest roof in the industry, you know your grain is going to be protected all the time. Our farm bins range from 15- to 48-foot diameters in both stiffened and unstiffened models.

  • Commercial Bins

    Commercial Bins

    Maximum capacities, hefty protection. The heavy-duty stiffeners in Superior Commercial Bins are deeper and stronger than others. They carry vertical loads to the foundation and resist wind loads more effectively than unstiffened bins. We provide a one-piece roof panel on bins up to 60 feet in diameter and offer structured roofs with up to 50,000 pounds of capacity.

  • EXCEL - Grain Dryers

    EXCEL - Grain Dryers

    EXCEL continuous mixed-flow grain dryers process your grains more evenly and significantly reduce the potential for heat stress cracking. With one on your farm, you’ll be able to get the highest possible prices for your crops.

  • Components

  • Strongest Grain Bin Roof

    Strongest Grain Bin Roof

    In farm country you can count on it – the wind will blow, and sometimes it’ll blow very, very hard. With Superior, it’s not a problem. While anyone can say they have the strongest grain bin roof – and many make that claim – their roofs have failed or blown away over the years. But even through the strongest gusts and heaviest blankets of snow, no Superior roof has failed.NOT ONE. EVER.

  • Unloading System

    Unloading System

    Unloading your bin has never been easier, faster or safer! A permanently installed U-Trough and power sweep, with all controls outside the bin, provides an unload capacity up to 6,000 bushels per hour. An independent, double-length center gate ensures maximum unloading capacity. The system includes a 9-inch, under-bin grain auger inside an 11-inch U-Trough, which allows the grain to carry en masse during unloading. It also includes a...

  • Grain Fans and Heaters

    Grain Fans and Heaters

    Adequate and even airflow throughout the grain bin is critical to proper cooling, storage and natural air drying. We provide heavy-duty, quiet centrifugal grain fans that feature airfoil blades, close tolerances and dynamic balancing to give you Superior airflow and years of reliable performance. In addition, our heavy-duty galvanized steel housings resist rust and provide long life. And when natural air drying isn’t enough, a high-quality...

  • Accessories

  • Bin Stairs

    Bin Stairs

    Safety first! Protect yourself, your family and your employees with grain bin stairs that provide safe and easy access to the eaves of your bins. With our industry leading 34-inch by 60-inch platform, checking your grain has never been easier. The large platform covers both the roof ladder and inspection door, and you can use one bin stair between two bins to maximize its value.

  • Grain Gauge

    Grain Gauge

    There’s no need to climb to the top of the bin to check how full it is when you have a Grain Gauge Level Indicator. When the grain reaches the indicator, it pushes on a paddle on the inside of the bin and rotates an indicator that is highly visible from the outside of the bin. We seal the internal mechanisms against grain dust and rain to give the Grain Gauge longer life. It is twice as large as the competition and the glow-in-the-dark feature...

  • Poly Roof Vents

    Poly Roof Vents

    The longevity of our 20-inch vent, a Superior exclusive, has been tested over decades. Our heavy-duty poly vent is a single unit without seams that could leak, and because it’s made of poly material, it is completely UV resistant and will never rust. We ship the screens separately and can nest 30 vents on a single pallet to reduce logistics costs. When it’s time for installation the screens and vents take less than a minute to...

  • Remote Lid Openers

    Remote Lid Openers

    The Superior ground control remote opener is standard on all Superior bins up to 27 feet in diameter, keeping you off the roof and safely on the ground.

  • Grain Augers

    Grain Augers

    We carry Westfield augers, which have earned a strong reputation for their simple, straightforward design, ease of operation, dependability and labor-saving performance. Westfield engineers its augers to incorporate the highest quality materials and components to ensure long life, consistently top performance and long-term value, and every design is farm-tested to ensure it delivers on those promises.