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  • Sheep and Goat Feeders

  • Model 8 - Fenceline Feeder Starter w/ Galvanized Pan

    Model 8 - Fenceline Feeder Starter w/ Galvanized Pan

    Are you tired of getting your legs and knees hurt when you go to feed your sheep/goats? Sydell’s Fenceline Feeders allow you to feed from the backside of the feeder, never having to get in with the ewes/does again during feeding.  The feeders can be combined with the add-on feeders to make a continuous run of feeder.  For example (1) #817P feeder and (1) #818P feeder with give you a continuous 16’ run

  • Sectional Feeder w/Poly Tub

    Sectional Feeder w/Poly Tub

    A great Sydell feeder for small groups of sheep in the lambing/kidding barn, or wherever you might have small groups of 2 to 10 head.  The Poly Tub is easily removed for cleaning.  The fast pinning sections are easy to move from pen to pen.

  • Turn Tables/Cages/Scales

  • Deluxe Spin Doctor

    Deluxe Spin Doctor

    We took the popular #936 Spin Doctor and improved it even more.  The extra width both in the cage as well as the headgate allows the Deluxe Spin Doctor to be used on any sized sheep/goats.   Make sure to check out the available options for transporting the Deluxe Spin Doctor from work area to work area.

  • Spin Doctor

    Spin Doctor

    The (4) ball bearing wheels makes it easy to turn over any sized sheep/goats.  The headgate allows the producer to perform many different tasks from vaccinations, tagging, worming ext.  This unit does not work for wide based sheep/goats, for example dorper sheep.

  • Show Equipment

  • Goat Stanchion with Stand

    Goat Stanchion with Stand

    The design of this goat stanchion has made it one of the most popular dairy goat stanchions on the market for home and show use alike.  Make sure to check out the other add-on pieces for your milk stand and stanchion.