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  • Farm Equipment

  • Back Plate

    Back Plate

    Manufactured to make any machine interchangeable with any implement. e.g. JCB telehandler to pick up Matbro attachements. Manual or Hydraulic.

  • Bale Squeeze

    Bale Squeeze

    For use with wrapped silage bales. Removable roller sleeves mounted on Kverneland tines. For use as twin bale spike. Heavy duty design. Comes complete with ram and all hydraulic hoses and couplings. All bracket types can be supplied to suit your vehicle.

  • Big Bale Grab

    Big Bale Grab

    Single, double or triple version available. Single or double rams option. Grabs made for conventional small bales. Optional positioning of aligning bar.

  • Bucket


    Heavy duty stone buckets to light material bucket

  • Chain Harrow

    Chain Harrow

    Mounted chain harrows with or without hydraulic wings. Smaller trailed available

  • Flat Bed Trailer

    Flat Bed Trailer

    Any size available 10ft to 32ft long. Up to 15 tonne carrying capacities. Chequer plate or wooden flooring. Standard wheels or Super singles

  • Grab Bucket

    Grab Bucket

    4ft to 8ft. Kvernland tines or profiled tines

  • Heavy Duty Fork

    Heavy Duty Fork

    4ft to 10ft. Heavy duty design. fitted with heavy duty Kverneland or profiled tines. Available with Grapple. All bracket types can be supplied to suit your vehicle

  • Push-off Buckrake

    Push-off Buckrake

    6ft to 10ft wide. Fitted with heavy duty Kverneland or profiled tines. Suitable for category one and two linkage. Tines are fitted in specially machined tapered sleeves. Twin, double acting heavy duty rams. Two side tines fitted as standard. Hinged gate flap to ensure complete discharge of load. Suitable for use on tractor rear or front linkages. All pivot points are bushed and fitted with grease nipples. All hydraulic hoses and connectors are...

  • Feed Bins

  • Legged Bulk Bin

    Legged Bulk Bin

    Contructed of 3/4' exterior grade plywood and supported by a steel frame. Easy access for bag, wheelbarrow and auger.

  • Ad-Lib - Feeder / Storage Bin

    Ad-Lib - Feeder / Storage Bin

    Large Savings on labour and feeding costs. Single or Double feeding troughs. Can be filled by blow pipe or loader. Constructed of high grade 3/4' exterior grade plywood. Supported by angle iron and tie rods.

  • Model 30 Tonne - Outdoor Feed Storage Bin

    Model 30 Tonne - Outdoor Feed Storage Bin

    Up to 30Tonne capacity. Can be filled by Blow Pipe and or Teleporter. Access through doors at the front of bins where feed is held within the structure allowing any excess feed to be returned if required. Other sizes available upon request.

  • Interior Bulk Bin

    Interior Bulk Bin

    For animal or poultry feed. Constructed from 3/4' exterior grade plywood and supported by angle iron and tie rods. They have a sloping floor trough for easy access to feed.

  • Intensive Beef Feeder

    Intensive Beef Feeder

    Large savings on labour and feed costs. Sloping floor to both troughs for easy access. Can be filled by blow pipe or loader. Constructed of high grade 3/4' exterior plywood supported by angle iron and tie rods

  • Feeders

  • Feed Barrier

    Feed Barrier

    Made to measure service. Heavy duty steel frame with tanalised wood. or complete sheet metal trough. Painted or galvanised

  • Feed Trailer

    Feed Trailer

    Robust 18ft Feed Trailer. 18ft long with 34 feeding spaces. Wood or metal flooring. Can be manufactured to customer specifications, i.e. drop sides, or top rail only suitable for use with feeder wagons. Solid axle or retractable drawbar.

  • Square Feeder

    Square Feeder

    Heavy duty steel frame with either tanalised wood of sheet metal. Primed and painted, or galvanised. All made to customer specifications

  • Model J - Feeder

    Model J - Feeder

    Eliminates spillage from large grabs and buckets. Can accommodate two round bales or one large bale. 21 feed spaces, as standard. 11ft long and 5ft wide

  • Livestock Handling

  • Calf Houses

    Calf Houses

    Flexible, cost and effective calf housing for 10-12 calves. Excellent ventilation with protection from wind and rain. Reduce the risk of disease Decrease in labour, treatment and material costs Large improvements in calf health. Easily moved with a teleporter 12ft x 12ft square with additional external gates an optional extra Heavy duty steel frame with 3/4'' exterior grade plywood There is a back door to allow for easy access All hayrack, feed...

  • Calf Dehorning Crate

    Calf Dehorning Crate

    Fully galvanised. Opening front gate. Single Lever head restraint. Belly band and Rump bar, Good access for dehorning and castration.

  • Cattle Handling Crush

    Cattle Handling Crush

    Fully galvanised simple robust handling crate with unique headgate design for hassle free one-man cattle management. Over 100 bulling heifers being boulessed in under 1 hour. Available with full foot trimming attachments and sliding side rails