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  • Milking Technology

  • AktivPuls - Milking Unit with Vacuum Relief

    AktivPuls - Milking Unit with Vacuum Relief

    Successful milk production requires constant efforts to improve all areas, from feeding and management through to milking technology. During daily milking, it is particularly important to consider physiological aspects. Quick livestock-friendly milking and healthy teats are essential factors to ensure good health of the udder and a high milking yield.

  • VE - Model S90 Plus - Milking System

    VE - Model S90 Plus - Milking System

    High performance without stress for many lactations. Soft teats for quick milking and better readiness for milking. Optimal health. High quality of the milk thanks to low cell counts. Significantly reduced use of medication. Perfect milk transport without any additional parts. Effective teat massage by excess pressure.

  • Milking Parlours

  • Model C1 - Milking Carousel ComfortFlow

    Model C1 - Milking Carousel ComfortFlow

    The milking carousel C1 ComfortFlow features optimal automation while ensuring high operating comfort for the milker. All requirements for ensuring a professional milking management and maximum milking capacity are fulfilled. The platform is controlled in dependence of the milking status of the animals and guarantees smooth entry and exit of the cows. Stainless steel comfort edges in wave-shape design offer optimal access to the udder for the...

  • Swing-over Milking Unit

    Swing-over Milking Unit

    In the swing-over milking parlour, each milking unit is used for two milking parlour sides. The milking unit is simply swivelled from one side over to the other side via a rotating element. Automatic detachment and milk quantity measurement can be integrated. Significant cost savings can be achieved as only one milking unit is required for two milking stalls.

  • Automatic Milking

  • AktivPuls - Model Robot 2020 - Milking Robot Generation

    AktivPuls - Model Robot 2020 - Milking Robot Generation

    The tried-and-tested and dependable industrial robot technology guarantees high operational reliability. During the actual milking process, there is no technical equipment underneath the cow. This means less stress, but also a lower risk of damage caused by the cow as well as fewer malfunctions of the hardware, which makes the technology of the AktivPuls® Robot 2020 unique. In addition, the special new generation laser of the robot and the...