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  • EZ-Haul - Hay Handler

    EZ-Haul - Hay Handler

    We've been building quality hay trailers since 1992 at T&B, and our designs are often imitated, but never duplicated... EZ-Haul was the very first to design & manufacture trailers with our double latch system, which supports the weight by two latches for extra safety and less stress on the trailer. The EZ-Haul Hay Handler is the #1 self unloading hay trailer built.  And now we're offering an 'Individual Dump' model that allows you to...

  • EZ-Haul - Trailers

    EZ-Haul - Trailers

    EZ-Haul Trailers are second to none when it comes to quality and stability. We offer 7K, 10K and Low Pro models ranging from 20 to 40 foot lengths.  And now we offer a Hydraulic Dove Tail trailer in 28 to 40 foot lengths.