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  • Till an Pak

  • Till an Pak - Standard Soil Mulches

    Till an Pak - Standard Soil Mulches

    A proven farm performer for a wide range of soils and conditions, the Till an' Pak also brings efficiency and reliability for landscapers and golf contractors. It breaks up clods and mulches the soil for perfect ground prep of hydro-seeding, broadcast seeding or sod work on fairways, playgrounds or soccer fields. Available in 2ft to 24ft widths. 5 different ring sizes along with 4 tube sizes available to suit almost every soil condition.

  • Till an Bedder

  • Model TB2 - 2 Bar Till Bedder

    Model TB2 - 2 Bar Till Bedder

    This unit is ideal for making seed beds in clean ground (without trash). The hydraulic leveling bar is standard on all Till an' Bedders and is located in front of the rear roller, allowing it to knock down ridges left by the S-Tines, leaving the soil firm and smooth. A hydraulic cylinder adjusts the up and down movement of the leveling bar; control is always at your finger tips. Depth Control Indicator is now standard.

  • Smooth an Roll

  • Schmeiser - Smooth Roller

    Schmeiser - Smooth Roller

    The Schmeiser Smooth an' Roll delivers flat out performance when needed. For use with mechanical harvesting and for firming up seed bed soils; it's ideal for forcing rocks back into the soil. Water-fllling increases weight advantage. It's available with optional mud scrapers. Available in 20', 24', 30' and 36' diameters. Special configurations upon request.

  • Orchard Levelers

  • Model VBL - V-Blade Leveler

    Model VBL - V-Blade Leveler

    The Schmeiser V Blade Leveler is the ideal tool for spring leveling of orchard floors that are flood irrigated. The V Blade Leveler will knock down the high spots and fill in the low areas that are created from trash left from harvest or ruts from tractor tires. This becomes a problem during irrigation when water tends to run on one side or the other, but not evenly down the roads. Schmeiser's V Blade slices and crowds dirt to the center, then it...

  • Model VBL-R - V-Blade Roller Leveler

    Model VBL-R - V-Blade Roller Leveler

    Designed to pick up debris left in the orchards after harvest, this unit performs without dragging grooves. Minimum soil build-up in front of the roller will reduce the amount of soil dragged to the end of the rows. The Mud Scraper easily flips over ready for use. The adjustable Side Trap Doors and Keyhole Mounts are included.

  • Culti-Plow

  • Model 2 Bar  - Vineyard 3pt. Culti-Plow

    Model 2 Bar - Vineyard 3pt. Culti-Plow

    The design of the Culti-Plow leaves stubble growth on top and reduces evaporation. Deep soil is thoroughly loosened all the way across the working width, not just slicing straight lines. 

  • Rippers

  • Model SFC Series - Finishing Chisel Ripper

    Model SFC Series - Finishing Chisel Ripper

    The SFC is the solution to loosen the top 12-15' of soil. It's ideal for opening up ground for aeration. Put a twist point on the chisel shank and it becomes the right tool for rice stalk incorporation. It's available in 2 or 3 bars with shanks on 12' effective spacings.

  • Tandem Discs

  • Cover Crop Drills

  • Model Series 98 - Cover Crop Drill

    Model Series 98 - Cover Crop Drill

    Now available in 3', 4', 5' and 6' widths, the improved Series 98 Cover Crop Drill features high capacity seed cups with E-Z View gauges and clean-outs, a high capacity legume seed box providing twice the seed volume, rapid adjust 'T' Handle press wheels and heavier drives and jackshafts for even more durability. All field adjustments can easily be done by hand. No tools are required.