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    Large capacity seed hoppers (405L for 3.0m and 485L for 3.6m). High mounted hoppers give good seed delivery to the hoses, on steep country. Hoppers can be used for either seed and/or fertiliser. Optional third hopper for insecticide and small seed application. Hopper/s are easy to empty at the end of day, or between crops. See Controller Operator Manuals (run to empty)

  • Model RC300 - CONTROLLER

    Model RC300 - CONTROLLER

    Accurate electronic control from the tractor cab. Easy Calibration. Settings for one, two or three hoppers. Stores up to 25 crop settings per hopper. Naming for each hopper and crop for easy identification. Target weights from 0.00 – 999.90kg/ha for each crop setting. Diagnostic and dynamic status screens.World leading technology. Very quick and easy to calibrate. Ability to increase or decrease seeding rate on the move from your tractor seat. Switch to...